Updates on Tanev, Toffoli, Boucher and Palmu.

There is no shortage of intrigue regarding the Canucks 3 unrestricted free agents, Jacob Markstrom, Tyler Toffoli and Chris Tanev.

In a perfect world all three are retained by the Canucks, GM Jim Benning would love to have the trio return.

If the salary cap stays the same, the Canucks will need to make some trades (with sweetners), demotion of 1 way contracts to AHL, not qualify certain players to sign all 3 but also if the Canucks ever got a compliance buyout or 2, that would help big time in signing Markstrom, Toffoli and Tanev.

Toffoli was a big hit with the Canucks after being acquired in a trade with the L.A Kings.

6 goals and 4 assists for 10 points in 10 games before Co-vid cut the season short.

This is a player who will look good in a Canucks uniform on a long term deal.

Toffoli’s agent Pat Brisson : “During the pandemic I’ve been in touch with Jim a few times. For the short time that Tyler has been in Vancouver, he has definitely enjoyed the city and the direction of the team.”

Some think the current finanacial situation the NHL is in will impact some players on the UFA market but front line players like Toffoli will stil get paid.

Brisson : “With regard to the current situation in our world we have to go a week at a time. Once the 24 team concept starts will have a better idea of the landscape ahead.”

Toffoli is not the only big name Brisson has on the Canucks, he also represents franchise defenseman Quinn Hughes.

There was some confusion about Tanev in an article last week that he was willing to take a 1 year deal in free agency.

After talking to various sources, there is no way Tanev will accept a 1 year deal, players work hard to become UFA’S, a 10 year veteran and a top 4 defenseman like Tanev will be looking for term on the market.

You dont wait 10 years to become a UFA and sign for 1 year, it is not happening, you go for market value and Tanev will be no different.

Tanev’s agent Wade Arnott : “Chris’ preference is to find a way to stay and resign an extension in Vancouver but his contract status will take off itself in time. There are many things yet to unfold for the Canucks including their potential return to play playoff format this summer. “

If money does free up, the Canucks will have a shot at Tanev but if it does not, he should do fine on the free agent market.

Petrus Palmu is the forgotten draft pick.

Drafted in 2017 by the Canucks and then signed in 2018, it’s been downhill for Palmu ever since.

Palmu left Utica in January 2019, he was not invited to the Canucks camp this season and played in Finland.

It was announced this week that Utica is bringing back coach Trent Cull this week, there was a communication breakdown between Palmu and Cull in Utica.

When Palmu left Utica I did an interview with him, I asked why he wasn’t getting ice time with the Comets, Palmu said, “I don’t know. Honestly, I didn’t get the reason why I didn’t get the ice time, nobody really talked to me.”

The Canucks were not happy with Palmu about that interview.

The Canucks and Palmu’s agent Todd Diamond will most likely will agree again that Palmu should find a place in Europe to play next season and not Utica.

A source said the Canucks drafted him, thought enough of him to sign him but dont think enough about this kid to resolve the issues he has with the organization.

Hearing interest from Russian teams has picked up for Canucks forward Reid Boucher lately.

Not sure if he signs over-seas but there is interest.

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