My Path Forward

Alot of you have probably seen the things posted about me. That reason being is that I've made some very poor choices in the past, and it's catching up to me.

This is not meant to defend any of those actions. I've fucked up.

I am taking an indefinite hiatus, until I feel that I've grown enough as a person to fully put my past behind me, without forgetting the lessons I've learned. I've been trying to learn from my mistakes, and I'm realizing now that I'm not going to truly learn from them unless I take a break from the community.

I would be more than happy to explain the situation if someone wants to ask about it. Other than explaining info, I would rather work on growing as a person than interacting with community members. I would not advise to ask anything through this post or this account, as I won't be seeing it.

For the seeable future (Minimum six months), I intend to be completely inactive on social media. I do not intend to stream, and my Discord server is going to be locked, such so that nobody can be active on it.

I'm not looking for forgiveness right now. I'm asking for a second chance, down the road, when I have grown as a person.

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