Last week, I was called out in a very serious allegation on Twitter

Last Tuesday, NurseBaemax tweeted about a situation involving me. I immediately reached out to her directly to express my sadness about the pain, trauma, and anger she is feeling.

Now, I would also like to publicly convey my deepest apologies to Bianca and acknowledge her pain. I recognize that there are no words I can say to make this better and no actions I can take to unwind her pain. I have tremendous respect for the strength and courage she has shown.

At an industry event in 2014, myself and four others shared a hotel room overnight. Bianca, myself, and one other shared a bed, and two other individuals shared another bed. Three years later in 2017, I was accused of inappropriately putting my hand on her butt that night while we were sleeping. I do not remember the inappropriate event she described happening. Blizzard launched an internal investigation immediately. As a part of their investigation they spoke with all the individuals in the room, the other individuals whose names she provided, and to my colleagues. At the conclusion of their investigation, I was told that they did not find reason to believe any wrongdoing occurred. However, they asked me to no longer share rooms at work events and gave me a stern warning to emphasize professionalism at all times.

The moment I heard the accusation, I was shocked and devastated. I desperately wanted to understand her perspective of what happened that evening. However, I was instructed at the time not to reach out to her, so I didn’t. I regret that.

I want both Bianca and the world to know — I believe the trauma that she endured, and continues to endure, is real. It was completely inappropriate to put myself and others in a situation where this could occur. I’m deeply sorry for that, and I will hold myself accountable.

I admit I have made other mistakes. A separate instance of unprofessional behavior contributed to my departure from Blizzard in 2018. I’ve done extensive reflection in the two years since then and have enacted significant changes in my life. But there is more to be done. I never want my behavior to make anyone feel uncomfortable ever again. I am committed to holding myself and the people around me to the highest standard. I will dedicate myself to being an ally, and I will listen. And then I will make it my cause to make the gaming industry a more inclusive space for women. While I cannot change the past, I can use the platform I have to impact positive change moving forward.

The first change I am making is to take a step away from my role at Rally Cry. I am determined to be better and to use this time to further reflect, learn, and improve. I will immediately seek coaching so that I am better able to prevent inappropriate situations and behaviors moving forward. When it’s suitable for me to return, I will work to ensure Rally Cry is a team that represents all of the voices, diverse opinions, and perspectives in esports. This includes bringing in women leadership and prioritizing both inclusivity and safety above all else.

I’m committed to making the world a better place, and that change must start with me.

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