What's Next

Hey everyone, this is probably pretty sudden, but as of today my time competing in Overwatch has ended. After a while of thinking, I've decided to retire from Overwatch and the Overwatch League.

It's been 4 years since I started playing Overwatch in 2016 and the time has flown by. It has been the best years of my life so far. Starting with just streaming ranked all day and hanging out with friends to joining teams with great people and teammates that I will cherish forever. From Renegades to SWFC to Fusion Uni and lastly to Dallas Fuel, I can't thank everyone enough.

I was able to compete in tournaments around the world doing what I loved and enjoying the experience with everyone. We played in different tournaments from weeklies to LANs like Overwatch Heroes Rumble 2017 in Taipei, the Contenders 2018 finals in Poland and LA and the Overwatch League.

One of my favorite parts of the journey was all the moments I got to spend with the fans. After every game I always looked forward to taking pictures, signing and talking to everyone. There were many times where I was feeling down, but the support I received always made me feel better and kept me moving forward.

There have been so many amazing memories that I'd like to thank the people at Blizzard for making possible. Thanks to all the work they put in I was able to compete in so many great events that I will never forget.

Personal stuffz (skip to end for TL:DR):

Snow: It felt right to start off my personal messages with a thank you to you, Snow. You were one of the first people I met that made me truly confident in myself and opened my eyes to esports as a whole. I never expected to play pro or anything more than just ranked and little tournaments with my friends, but you believed in me and recommended me to the guys at Renegades and really pushed me forward.

Cameron: I know it's been a while since I've talked to you Cam, but I truly appreciate everything you did for me during our time with RNG. I was only 16 when joining and moved from Florida to Michigan and it never would have happened without you. If it wasn't for the hours you spent convincing my parents and me, I probably wouldn't have taken the big step to changing into virtual school so I could fully pursue competing.

Mangachu: To Mr. Manga, I will never forget the times we played together on Renegades and when we competed in contenders on Funi and XL2. I was always a big fan of you before I was even considering playing pro, so I was super happy when I had the chance to play with you on RNG. You made me more confident in my abilities and helped me improve during our time on RNG. Thank you for always being there for me when I needed someone to talk to and for amazing hugs.

Elk: Elijah, my guy. Thank you for always being a super energetic goofball. Bouncing ideas back and forth with you in our times on Fusion Uni was super fun. Every day that I came in for our scrims I felt like I was improving non stop. The amount of work you put in pulled us together and I think you never really got credit for it. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have been so hyped up in our matches and had the energy that we had as a team.

Crakin: Crakin you were honestly one of the best teammates I've had the experience to play with. Every minute of every scrim and match playing with you truly brought me joy. I could play for 12 hours straight and it would feel like 30 minutes when we would make jokes. You were amazing at taking feedback and improved so much during 2018 s1. I wish people realized how great of a player you were. I'll never forget the Poland trip, especially when we couldn't open the water bottle in the hotel.

Beast: Mr Adam. I've never been able to communicate as clearly and set up plays with anyone as easily as you. I always remember the crazy dives and pull plays we made during our time together at Funi. Every fight I was 100% confident that you would follow me up and help me make the plays I was going for and I'm super grateful for that. I loved hanging out with you even before Fusion and just playing games. Super proud of you for popping off with Toronto and I miss u.

Alarm: Handsome guy, it was always a pleasure to play with you. I fully trusted you during every map we played in every series in our run during 2018. Learning more and building synergy with you was super fun. You motivated me to keep getting better every day. I always came into our practice wanting to improve. Your jokes with all the guys on the team made me laugh. I won't forget making ddiyooong noises and all the clutch plays you made and help me make during 2018. Super happy to see you destroying in OWL this year.

Whoru: To my best friend Lee Seung Jun . I have been a huge fan of yours since Lunatic Hai. I always watched Apex matches and talked about how amazing your mechanics were. There are so many things that I want to type here. To start, thank you for being so confident in me whenever we played. I never felt more comfortable when playing than when I played with you. I knew that every play I made, you would be confident in me and always back me up. You always kept me motivated to improve, I wanted to be the best tracer/sombra in 2018 and practiced all the time. The time we spent playing Overwatch, Monster Hunter and a bunch of other games, and the countless laughs and smiles we've shared together, I will never forget. I'm glad that I can call you my best friend forever.

Bernar: I know we didn't get to spend a ton of time together since we were only on Funi together for 1 season, but you helped me improve my sombra play a lot during season 2. You were always a super clutch player during our matches and I'm glad to see you doing well in OWL.

OGE: Mr Minseok. I wanted to start off by saying that you are an amazing player, and I respect the amount of work you put in to improve so much. I remember being in tryouts for uprising acad in 2018 and you would hype me up in messages and make me feel super confident in myself, I never knew back then that we would play together in OWL. I really enjoyed hanging out with you in LA during the 2019 season and I wish we had more time to play together back then. I'm happy to see you getting the recognition you deserve as a super strong player. We should hang out more some time, Nidalee king.

aKm: Dylan, my favorite idiot. You were a super professional teammate when we played together. I've enjoyed all the time we've spent together, in game and out of game. I don't think anyone has made me laugh as hard as you have. To my bud who is the fastest guy alive I wish you well in everything you do.

uNKOE: Benji, I've played so many hours of Overwatch with you during the 2019 season it's actually insane. I still remember when the nickname noodle was made during one of our games of ranked. I really enjoyed playing with you in matches and just grinding ranked for hours. Chatting with you was always great, and going to the Ramen place for dessert all the time I will always remember. I wish you the best in the future my Benjamin xoxo.

Trill: My favorite Aussie. You became my bro during our time together. Playing games together every day and talking about whatever has been amazing. You put in a ton of work to improve during your time on Dallas, but don't get any credit for it. I'll miss working out with you and Kyle every week and just chilling in person. You're actually the goat and are nasty at what you do so keep destroying nerds.

Closer: Mr. Wonsik, you are the nicest teammate I've ever played with. I admire the amount of work you put into every day of practice when we played together. You always theory crafted and thought of ways for us to get better as a team and pushed me to improve. I respect your passion so much. Thank you for the gifts you've gotten me and for being an amazing friend and teammate. Keep owning in OWL and message me whenever you want.

I'd like to thank all of the Organizations that I have represented during my time in the Overwatch scene for giving me a chance and letting me do what I love.

Now for What's Next.

I've retired from Overwatch and I'm looking to puruse Valorant. Before my time in OW I used to really enjoy FPS games like Battlefield, Call of Duty and Counter Strike. I have really been loving the flow of Valorant and the mix of CS mechanics and OW abilities that it has. I'll be grinding the game and looking to stream more now that I have more time.

I'm super grateful for all of my experiences and everyone I've met in Overwatch. Thank you everyone and I hope you all continue to support me in the new adventure that's ahead. Love all of you ❤

Tune in to when I stream in the future on https://www.twitch.tv/zachareeee

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