I'm coming out..

This has been a difficult process for me because I feel like I am being forced to come out again, yet so many people who know me from my past already know that I am transgender and finished my surgical and legal transition YEARS AGO. If you didn't know surprise I guess?

This topic has came up more times than I am comfortable with in my #twitch stream in recent months and I'm finally addressing it. Its never been a secret but it is something I've never felt the relevance in talking about. I have a youtube channel that I've talked in great lengths about my transition here: youtube.com/ellerows but I've wanted to focus the majority of my live content on gaming and creating art. It doesn't feel genuine for me to talk about my transition because Its happened so long ago for me but here it is. If you are LGBT and have questions regarding the medical aspects of my transition leave them in the comments or in the LGBT channel in my discord server (link on my twitch profile).
With light on recent political events and the start of Pride month, I don't want to be anything more than my 100% authentic self.

For ppl curious of what I looked like before:

for everything else you can find me on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/ellerows
My next twitch stream will be Monday June 1st

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