ZexRow · @ZexRow

28th May 2020 from TwitLonger

about today and my actions...

To start off, I'll get straight to the point. For those who don't know earlier today I competed in Ninjas $80,000 trios competition and won it with Mackwood and Calc. After we won, I was interviewed and said very very distasteful things, it even would be distasteful to say on my own stream but even more so after winning a tournament and on the Ninja broadcast. I want to directly apologize to Ninja and the tournament organizers for overshadowing what otherwise was a great tournament that was fun to play in with my immature actions. I'm also sorry to TSM and my fans for disappointing you guys, I should live up to the standards of a professional and in that moment I didn't. This is something that I will take some time to reflect on to improve my future behavior.

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