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27th May 2020 from TwitLonger

Keemstar & RSGloryAndGold

A message to everyone hating on Keemstar due to him falsely accusing RSGlory AndGold (Tony) back in 2016:

People aren't understanding and putting themselves in Keem's shoes. While I understand the accusations took a toll on Tony, Keem has done a lot to try to make amends and try to forgive himself for what he's done. People keep hating on Keem for what he's done, but literally, understand me clearly here:

**Keemstar apologized in 2016, took down the video after 2 hours of being up, and exposed himself to the world, claiming he was wrong. He then helped Tony consistently over the years.**
On several occasions, throughout the years, Tony praised Keemstar after the consistent help he got and called Keem a "good guy".

But then, it seems to me, that whenever Keemstar wasn't helping Tony get views and support, and whenever Keem moved on and forgave himself, Tony just brought it right back, making a weight on Keem's conscience and defaming Keem's name publicly.

Tony claimed publicly to his followers (which he mostly got from Keemstar & Scarce), that the hate he was getting in 2017 was from Keem's false accusations video. But, lets think about this.

The "false accusations" video was only up for 2 hours on DramaAlert in 2016. And only a small percentage of DramaAlert's subscribers saw it at the time. (His sub count at that time was 800,000). It is impossible for Tony to get hate a year later, when Keemstar stated publicly in every way possible that he messed up, Tony was innocent, and people should give Tony love and support.

It's really messed up for someone to constantly hold someone accountable for their past mistakes. Keemstar already felt very guilty when he messed up by falsely accusing Tony, but the fact that Tony brings all of it back years later, (which I suspect to get Keem's attention, stir the pot and get views and get promoted more), is the real thing that's messed up.

Many famous people wouldn't want to affiliate themselves with someone they've wronged as it's risky and often makes them feel bad, but Keem went out of his way to try to make it up to the guy. He helped him over the years and obviously felt very bad for what happened, and despite this help and support over the years, it seems to me that it wasn't enough for Tony. When Keem was blamed by Tony for the hate that he was getting, after seeing the video that Keem posted on twitter in response to Tony, I could see and understand why Keem was upset. Before Tony brought the drama back, Keem thought he was forgiven, he thought he could move on and be done with the weight of what he did, and Tony just brought it right back, meanwhile Keem was nothing but supportive and apologetic to Tony over the years.

This is why Keem has made the "catfishing story" known today.... because Tony is STILL blaming Keem to this day for the hate he gets. Around the time Tony began to start blaming Keem for the hate he was getting (in 2017), Tony was accused of catfishing a young girl. Keem has since made this story known to everyone today, NOT to say Tony's guilty, but just to tell Tony and everyone: "The hate you got is from those accusations, not anything I have done!".

When Keem released this to the public, I could see that there was a weight on Keem's shoulders, and you could tell that he was done with being accused. To those who think Keem is accusing Tony of being a pedophile again, he's not. He just wants Tony to admit that the catfishing story is real, that the hate he was getting wasn't from Keem, that it's actually from these separate accusations entirely... and that Keem shouldn't be blamed for all of Tony's problems years later.

I'm sure all of you made mistakes that you wish people would forgive you for. Imagine someone holding that one mistake over your head for years, talking about what you did to thousands of people, disgracing your name, and making you feel guilty. This is exactly what Tony did when Keem tried to move on and forgive himself.

As the quote goes, "Forgiveness is a promise, not a feeling. When you forgive other people, you are making a promise never to use their past sins against them.". Tony has claimed on multiple occasions that he forgives Keem, but he still keeps using his past sins against him.

I think Keemstar is a good person and has done the right things to make up for the mistake he made, and please guys, don't think this post is hating on Tony or praising Keem.. I am just stating my perspective from researching all of this.

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