Shern · @shernfire

16th May 2020 from TwitLonger

Leaving Team Liquid

As you've guys have probably heard Team Liquid has signed another jungler and has decided to discontinue our agreement and look for a potential trade. During this process I haven't received any offer from other NA teams meaning I will have to leave NA due to my visa. My current plans are to go to Korea and chase after rank 1 during summer split.

This whole situation hurts a lot. As you guys know I worked for over a year so I could get a chance to join my dream team Team Liquid and prove myself. In some ways I did prove myself but in other ways I disappointed others. Although it hurts to have people whom you respect lose faith in me I will take everything that I've done right or wrong and grow from this. I am lucky to have a circle of people around me that continue to support and believe in my potential and success. I will continue to fight and, whilst I am sure I will continue to fuck up, I will keep moving forward until I succeed. Thanks. @CoachCurtislol @DWRippii @Ahilleas_P @jonasanbrown

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