No Longer with eUnited, LFT! RTs appreciated!

It is with a heavy heart that today I announce my departure from eUnited after 4 months with the organisation and 6 months with the core roster of @Callout66, @GryxrPR & @Forrest_R6.

My journey with this team has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Back in October, when I came into contact with @XecratioN & Callout my outlook on Competitive Siege changed. I found a team that were just as hungry and full of desire to achieve and push to the next level as I was. We had great times under @ObeyAlliance and i appreciate everything that they did for us, helping us through a tough Challenger League S10 in North America. Big shout out to @supervxn4, @Purpatrate & @ShooK_oB for making my journey (to begin with) possible!

After a less than favorable season, the team and coach decided to go in a new direction with their analytical work. I am truly devastated looking back at all the great times we shared, and how I won't be part of that anymore. I did, however, gain a mass amount of experience, and I have no intention of stopping here. As of today, I am seeking new opportunities to explore in both Coaching & Analysis opportunities at the highest levels of R6. I would greatly appreciate those who knows me personally to help me in spreading the word that I'm looking for a new home, and any and all help received would be appreciated more than you know.

I would like to thank @eUnited for making me part of their first season in Rainbow Six, especially to @Potthoff & @clerkie for making my time very enjoyable, and being available and easy to speak to when I had any issues, both gaming & personal related. I hope we cross paths in the future, as it was a true pleasure to work for you guys!

As for the LadPad Trio & the guys I leave behind, I wish you all the best in North America Division, as you truly are a spectacular group of not only players, but brothers in my eyes! You've truly humbled me more ways than one, and I hope that, despite not being part of your continued journey, that I have left the same impact on you as you have for me!

Thank you for everything! @FlyBagel , @Callout66 , @GryxrPR , @Forrest_R6 , @Alphama_R6 & YetiiR6

If you are interested in my expertise please don't hesitate to reach out to my amazing agent who, again, without this team I would never have been able to have the chance to work with @TyTangles#1111 his information as well as mine can be found below!

** Bugs **

Twitter - @TheRealBugs
Discord - Bugs#2515
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** TyTangles**

Twitter - @TyTangles
Discord - TyTangles#1111
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