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28th Apr 2020 from TwitLonger


im just gonna jump straight into why i retired and talk about my teammates

straight up just lost passion for the game. idk what the real killer was for me but maybe it was 2-2-2 lock maybe it was bans im not sure... i just know it was hard for me to log on to play and i didnt have fun in scrims/ranked at all anymore. i did not make this decision in 1 day it took a full month of non stop thinking every day and sleepless nights from being so stressed. it fucking sucked but ultimately i wanted to do whats right for me. i wanna thank NRG/SHOCK and OWL for giving me a chance and making my dreams come true. (shoutout andy, brett, jaime <3) last thing, i just wanna say sorry to all my fans, fans of OWL, and everyone on shock. in the past month i did not give OW/OWL my all and it showed in scrims and even in OWL so im sorry.

talking about my teammates now so you can leave if u want

viol2t: i tease you a lot but thats because i know you are really good and i actually mean that, i dont want your ego to get too big but you're the best zen/ana (REALLY). i will never forget after we won season 2 and i gave u the fattest hug also i wont forget u kissing me 3 times in korea :) gl minki you're the best flex support i know but dont have ego ugly fucking kid

striker: when you first joined shock i really thought i would hate you but turns out i fucking loved you and i loved playing with u as my dps duo. you are so good at everything you play (tracer, reaper, mccree, widow) and if you keep try hard I REALLY THINK YOU WILL GET MVP. also ur the most handsome and funny in OWL :D 1v1 me valorant rly easy

rascal: gonna miss the random ass talks we had about our girlfriends, explaining sports to you, shows all while at the gym. u are funny as fuck and im glad i got to meet you and call u my friend. also u are the best on shock because u won the @STARWARS DUEL OF THE FATES 1v1 CHAMPION @RASCAL #Ad

architect: gonna miss you so much minho you are the most positive person i have ever met in my life. all season 2 and 3 when im down you always cheer me up because you're so happy all the time. every team needs you and you helped me through a lot. i really believe if you practice hard you can be the best flex dps in the game 100%, PRACTICE FOR ME MINHO I WILL MESSAGE YOU THROUGHOUT OWL I LOVE U MAN

choi: choi u are really best off tank in OWL BY FAR, its not even close. i look up to you so much because you are really the best and never mental boom you are like god... if striker doesnt get mvp u will :D :))) stop smoking and eat ur fucking veggies or im gonna get mad

smurf: my man moana... ever since u joined shock i thought you were funny as fuck and u were instantly my friend. i'll never forget rooming with you in dallas those were good ass times, also when u were in the theatre room and had a cape on with no shirt and ran out that shit was toooooo funny. love u man hope u go crazy in owl man

ANS: i've only known you for like 3 months or some shit but you are actually hilarious. i dont know why but everything you do makes me laugh, ABS ONLY IN THE GYM EVERYDAY BRO??? ur too funny. i hope ur doing good man because you really are the BEST WIDOW in OWL not even close <3 keep being funny :D

moth: bro u gotta be the smartest, most calm person i have ever met. every team needs someone like you. literally never tilted always making game plans and fucking crazy mechanically. also i admire ur passion like crazy whenever u feel like ur aim is off u got straight to KOVAAKS or whatever the fuck its called and start aim training or the fps osu thing ur actually cracked bro gonna miss u a lot

CRUSTY JUNKBUCK ARACHNE NINEK: aight lets be real, i was ACTUAL ASS in season 1 but since you guys joined you taught me so much on how to be a leader, how to use my team to my advantage, how to make plans, and just general game smarts. i really dedicate my season 2 MVP to u guys, im really sorry i left like this hope you guys understand it has nothing to do with you guys just my passion. ik every team would want you guys cuz u guys are the best coaches in the world, gonna miss you guys a lot <3

CHRIS: no one talks about it but you are the real reason for our success in S2 if u didnt restructure shock the way u did after s1 we woulda been fucked so u a real hero for that. all that aside ur the best GM 100%, u helped me develop sooo much as a person and you were always so supportive of any decision i made, you just wanted what was best for me and for that i appreciate you so much. i hope you actually do like a 5 year reunion thing with shock im very down for that HIT ME UP MAN


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