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28th Apr 2020 from TwitLonger

Recap / update on the situation

Let me start by saying if you ask anyone on our team about LG everyone will openly admit that we were not being properly supported by LG. They gave us the bare minimum of effort when it came to anything they promised.

Prior to season 11, Ubisoft told the players in the scene that there weren't going to be any relegations for season 11 and that there was going to be a new lan league with 10 teams in Vegas (2 new additions).

During the Season 11 split LG told us for the first time that they were leaving, they got on a call with us and told us that Ubisoft had told them they were going to put us in challenger league. Ubisoft reasoned that all would be fine because according to them we did not have the skill to compete in PL anyway, but we would dominate CL apparently. We are not sure why the conversation went this way, but we assume it was because LG didn't apply for the pilot program in time. After they told us they were leaving I started messaging people at Ubisoft to try and see if we had to find a new org or if we were just screwed out of our spot for something we had no control over. I had to message 4 different people at Ubisoft to even get a response from one of them. They never gave me a direct answer and kept telling me to wait and that news will come (this went on for months, with no answer). Ubisoft then told LG that they wanted them back because REC wanted out and that they would negotiate a deal to get LG back. They began negotiating and LG and Ubisoft seemed to have come to an agreement. A few hours prior to a call we had planned with LG staff, where they were going to inform us that a deal had been reached, Ubisoft called LG and told them that REC received a LOI (Letter of intent) from an org and that they weren't going to go through with the deal. They tried keeping LG on a leash just in case REC didn't get picked up from the org, this way they would have an even number of teams in the new US division because Ubisoft changed their minds about having a 10 team league and are reverting back to 8. LG asked them about just keeping it a 10 team league and they were told that they couldn't because of production time. LG then decided they weren't going to keep going back and forth and that they were going to just leave the siege scene instead.

From what we were told, Ubisoft was the one that found Rec their org. One of the major issues here is that both us and the ex-EG roster are being given the boot for not having an org while the ex-REC roster is being given an org directly from Ubisoft. We weren't given the option to look for an org, let alone receiving help from Ubisoft to find one. This information was relayed to us directly from one of the ex-REC players. The communication between us the players and Ubisoft was ATROCIOUS (and ofc LG to us wasn’t any better, they wanted out). These are huge issues with this situation. LG may have fucked up by not submitting an application to the pilot program but ultimately it was Ubisoft's decision to have 10 players jobless in a time like this. The core of ex-EG literally evolved siege esports and when the ex-EG players had a meeting with Ubisoft they were told to start looking at different career paths. Imagine being that disrespectful to your players that ultimately helped the scene grow to where it is now. Not to mention telling an org (LG) that the team they picked up was unable to compete at a high enough level.

Lastly, today actually, they laid out our options for us and told us that we could either go LFT, play in CL or play in the Canadian Division that we know nothing about. Wow, how considerate of them. I have been losing out on sleep and in general, have been super stressed about this situation and how poorly it is being handled. Why are we the players being punished because LG and Ubisoft couldn't come to an agreement? Why are new teams being added while already qualified teams are being tossed out in a season we were told there were no relegations?

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