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24th Apr 2020 from TwitLonger

Quitting FPL

No guys i am not quitting FPL. Yesterday I was frustrated and unmotivated because of some players. I didn’t talk on twitter about the kick wave at all but I also agree that some people shouldn’t have been kicked but most of them were a good decision from what I see now.

I was never reporting anyone, even if they were not playing a good enough CS because I came from the same path and I understand that. I'm that type of guy who’s expecting for the people to fix their playstyle and show respect to the opponents after any kick wave and yet, they didn’t.

If i didn’t have opportunity to play in this league maybe i wouldn’t be here, at this level and you wouldn’t read this tweet so im grateful to the FPL for that.
This is why i wasn’t reporting anyone but i guess after 7-8 hours of hard work with the team, u don’t want to see that when u do A default nades on mirage, one guy is pushing ramp, one is A apps and 3 from the back.
It’s unaccaptable to see that. Not improving, not thinking and if u’re one of these guys just try to get what my point of view is.

If we’re coming to play and improve ourselves even more, you should also try to learn from it, be grateful to our time.
You can get 3 kills while you make a move but that doesn’t mean it was the right move to make. U will do the same move in your future FPL games because u got some kills and you thought that it worked before.
But that’s why most of you guys can’t find a team and can’t play good in official games.
You should ask yourself first: do u want to achieve something and find a team? If the answer is yes then just keep read this tweet, if it’s no then you can just leave this page. It means that we don’t need you in this league and after your removal you shouldn’t cry on twitter.

Do you know how many people would want to play in this league? I know. I was one of them. I was happy as fuck when i got invited to FPL and tried to learn as so much as i could to not lose that spot and appericated every moment.
There are many more people thinking like me in FPL-C or anywhere else, believe me.
From now on, if its possible I would want that all the pro players who’re part of the league to help the non-pro players more and explain in a good way if they make big mistakes. But also, you guys must try to get it please. You will see that you’ll play much better. You don’t have to get in any arguement, if they’re saying something to you that’s because they want from people to improve and have a good gameplay in this league.

We can do it together, we’re all motherfucking humans. And also i swear to god that i don’t want to report anyone. Don’t want to be decision maker for the people’s future career. But if i have no choice like now, i have to. I want to improve and have fun too. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day!

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