Robin Rönnquist · @flusha

18th Apr 2020 from TwitLonger

Some thoughts on the fpl removals...

While i may not agree on all the players who were removed, i can see reasons for why they were kicked.

People are quick to say admins are in the wrong and so on, while they are just trying to make it a professional environment that people actually want to come back to and keep playing.

Players who were removed have to think about why they might have gotten removed, even if you feel its unfair because you "play bitch positions" or "have really good k/d ratio". You could be lacking in communication, spreading negativity or being a bad teamplayer overall.

From my point of view for the last year or so, most people have just been grinding FPL day in and day out just thinking about themselves and focusing on having good stats no matter who suffers in their teams.

This is why most Tier 1 players arent staying around, because we are looking for quality games rather than quantity, so why would we bother having to play maybe 5 matches to get 1 or 2 good games.

Some of the people i enjoy playing with that actually put in effort into the games anyway they can are people like v1c7or, rallen, lobanjica, bubble, nukkye. While these guys might not look like the most "skilled" players, they are spreading quality in FPL.

And for the people who reached FPL, just because you got there you didnt "make it". Its when you can actually play with and against the highest level of players you will learn the most, this is the time for you to put in the most effort.

TL;DR : Reflect about why you got kicked instead of telling admins to "fk off"

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