The End of Clockwork Vendetta

It’s been a long and strange trip for us in the Clockwork Vendetta organisation. Many great memories have been forged throughout the seasons, and the support we have received has been overwhelming. Our success was based on the hard work and passion that all individuals in our family contributed with.

With that said, there have been several changes throughout the years and many different events that has led to our eventual resignation. With the release of Valorant, we have lost a good majority of the roster we have been working on for so long, undoing several months of painstaking work, mostly at the cost of our coaches and manager who have to scout and develop team synergy time and time again with little to no financial compensation.

Despite our results looking promising, we still lack the roster and funding to continue working as we had intended. The current state of people leaving Overwatch has also made it incredibly hard for us to find eligible players to work with, and we feel like the uncertainty of the future has led us to resigning as a team and withdrawing from competition going forward.

There are many different people we would like to thank as we make our exit. Nothing of what we have accomplished would have been possible without the sheer passion and support of our fans and partners. We have had a few hiccups throughout our journey, but despite what happened we have always felt appreciated and supported which has been our main motivation to continue working as hard as we have, despite the fact that we have no financial stability or reliable forms of income.

We would also never have persevered through the meta shifts and changing times if it was not for the enthusiasm of our coaches and manager that has stuck with us until the very end to make sure that all players we take in feel welcomed and accepted into the family.

As much as this is heartbreaking to say, it is finally time for us to let other stars arise from our ashes and we hope you will show them as much love as you have shown us in the past.

Thanks for rooting for us!


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