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14th Apr 2020 from TwitLonger

Fuck an NDA, parents didn't raise me like that !!

(To preface, my opinions on Ubisoft do not reflect my teammate's) Roughly 3 weeks ago, we were told that LG would be releasing us since they could not come to an agreement with Ubisoft regarding the upcoming LAN league. Over the course of these 3 weeks (during the season) we practiced and played our matches not knowing if we would have a spot in pro league next season. Throughout this whole period, LG and Ubisoft re-entered negotiations without our knowledge (up until recently) and they fell through again. Ubisoft delayed our meeting multiple times leaving us in the dark not knowing if we should pack up and leave our team house. And with the covid situation we needed to know ASAP as our home cities were being put on lock down and we wouldn’t know if we could return home. After threatening to go public with Ubisoft’s blatant lack of respect for us as players and individuals, Robb Chiarini finally decided to give me a call and basically said I was being disrespectful toward Ubisoft employees. @jedirobb try this one, you are grossly unfit to be an esports director, your body of work within the industry involves the For Honor and Brawlhala esports scenes, both of which are DEAD now, and r6 will join them if this dude is in charge. Having your name associated with two failed competitive scenes, one would assume that Ubisoft wouldn't give this clown an even bigger game to fuck up, but I am surprised by this company’s decisions every day! Both in game and out. Naturally, I thought that since LG is pulling out, that us as players would be able to look for another org. Of course with it being ubisoft, we cant really assume a rational course of action so we dm’d multiple people at ubisoft about our org situation and we either didn’t get a response or told that we could not be helped. I do however want to give a big thank you to @LisaMarieNap_ as she did her absolute best within the confines of her job description to keep us up to date and she is the only one that seemed to actually care about our situation and future.

My teammates and I are stuck in Vegas and out of a job. Let me remind everyone of our accomplishments as a team: we grinded to qualify for CL, won CL our first try and made Pro league, placed 4th our first season, qualified for two lans, (OGA, USN) Made it to the finals of the invite qualifier and lost a close bo5 to SSG who literally went on to WIN INVITE. Obviously placing 6th this season is less than ideal but given our mindset and lack of certainty regarding our spot going into the second split, I think we did alright. But last time I checked, placing 6th is out of the relegation zone and keeps you your pro league spot. Apparently not anymore. So I guess Ubisoft has just straight up kicked us out of pro league. I am LFT as a player/coach. Willing to put in tons of work as this game is my passion and I want to make the best out of a shitty situation.

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