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12th Apr 2020 from TwitLonger

My experience with Topix/Oddity

So this goes way back to 2017, I was about 15 when I met Topix. We were really close friends for the longest time after we met in RPM. Even at age 15 I kinda knew he was fucked up, but I trusted him, we played siege like everyday and he was always rlly nice to me. The first fucked up experience I had with him was tied with the screenshots under the tweet:

This kid we will call "Joe" really wanted to join RPM, like really wanted to. He also claimed he was a bit older than he was, Topix put him through a set of disgusting questions and tasks if he wanted to join RPM. This was something that never happened to anyone else who wanted to join. I contacted "Joe" today to talk about the matter, he was around 12 years old when all this shit happened. Topix asked this kid to find nude pictures of his mum on her phone, and other weird stuff, he also asked some really weird shit. "Joe" was really shook by all the happened and doubted if he wanted to join RPM. But he still decided too cos his friends were also in RPM. After all this happened "Joe" wouldn't talk to Topix so me being the stupid fucked up naive idiot I was sided with Topix and with his help apologised on his behalf:

"You Can Tell "Joe" This Aswell But Topix Didn't Mean To Offend Or Distress Any Participant Or Individual Related Or Concerning Levi's Family, Topix Obviously Crossed The Line But In Saying This "Joe" Took The Wrong Mental And Physical Path To Fall In The Trap Which Would Decide If "Joe" Was Mature And/Or Really 17.If "Joe" Really Was Concerned He Could Of Spoken Up And Told Him To Stop As Topix's "Test" Was Very Personal And Could Hit Close To Home But In The End He Failed. Notifing Topix Of His Poor Decision Making And Lack Of Confidence,Really In The End "Joe" Needs To Cool Down and Topix Has Insisted On "Joe" Hopping Onto Discord To Talk About The Matter And Decide On An Apology And/Or Talk About Where They Went Wrong" (I wrote this when i was 15 dont judge)

They never talked about it, Topix ignored it and the kid joined RPM but left shortly after.

I caught up with "Joe" who is in high school now, and he expressed great regret over all that happened and felt kind of traumatised by the whole thing. He talked to me about how easy it was for Topix to take advantage and ask him these things, and how he had grown as a person because of it. I apologised to "Joe" and we moved on.

Further on, the people i played with in RPM wanted to move on and build an org and team. Topix lead the charge, creating the org "Paradox" (Now known as Oddity). The team consisted of Me, Topix and 3 of my closest friends at the time (who I had known for a long time). Shortly after the creation of the team Topix had kicked 2 people, the people who were really close friends of mine for no reason. But yet again I was young and I sided with him simply moving onto a different lineup. Until the org grew enough that he ignored the rest of us, as the business of running an org became too important.

He would feel really offended if you played in a discord he wasn't in. And when he was invited to those discords he would also ask a few of my friends especially a boyfriend and girlfriend couple very personal and disgusting questions about their relationship and lives. He would interrogate people he didn't know and always come across creepy.

He was an insecure man, before we went our separate ways one of the things he would always talk about of the amount of women he was dating. And would send screenshots of different women he was dating and always describe them. Now when I say this I mean he wasn't just joking. He was full serious about this shit constantly telling me about his facebook messages and sending pictures. BTW he would talk to me about this when I was around 16, like dude wtf.

I was a little too late, Topix deleted his discord so we dont have our dms anymore :(

TLDR - Topix is a fucked up person.

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