Hellraisers and future plans..

First of all Team has been disbanded , I am still under contract with HellRaisers , no I will not be part of the NEW roster rebuild since they are sticking with CIS . Personally I feel not ready for playing in a russian speaking team due to lack of time to learn the language(I will still continue learning until I learn it fully), the last 6 months for me been a emotional roller coasters ride , relearning a language I haven't used in a long time , switching roles,playing with new teammates working on my personal problems and trying to fix them as much as I could..

Second of all I want to thank ANGE1 for giving me a second chance to play in this new lineup. I've learned a lot not only inside the game , but also as a person during these 12 months in HellRaisers I hope I haven't disappointed you too much.. . Also would thank the boys : crushila, Flarich, Lk ,Aiyvan,scoobyxie for the good team environment and their hard work during these months together , I hope my broken russian skills didin't piss you guys off too much..

That being said , I am open to all kinds of offers ,due to covid-19 I would like to stay at EU until it clears up .
You can contact me via :
email: nukkye@prodigy-agency.gg or @Jerome_Coupez

In the mean time I will be doing some YouTube content and streaming frequently on Twitch.tv/nukkye come say hi.

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