Liza Martini Statement about recent tweets.

For all of you assholes that had a problem with me posting pictures of my late daughter I just want you to know I think you guys are the assholes. My daughter is very beautiful and loved what she did. As a professional model she did lots of modeling before I ever came along doing what I do. She was very proud of her body and it was her idea for us to model together she wanted to pose with me to boost her own numbers. The only reason why she did that was to make extra money for her children. (children in which i care of now. ) These babies are one and three , she and I love these children very much and we do what we do to support these babies, this was our thing and we took pride in what we did it is not some “sick thing”, some”grooming thing”, or whatever word you all can came up with. My daughter was 27 years old she was well old enough to make a decision on what she did or did not want to do , she was not forced into doing anything!!!! The reason why pictures were posted after her death. 1–was because I had a lot of requests for her. 2–a lot of people moralized her and know how beautiful she was and wanted to remember her. that’s why her photos were reposted so why not celebrate someone so beautiful and as usual you sick bastard to take it wrong.
Now as for Alex, She was a wild 18-year-girl who Was trying everything she could to find herself. Since she was an adult, she took several photos with her sister. Always in competition with her. The only advantage she had over her was that she had bigger boobs. The closer she got to 19 the more she figured she could use them and she wanted to have her own account and to boost her numbers. she asked to be photographed with me. after fighting with her for six months, I agreed to go ahead with a few photos, within a couple of weeks we took a few photos within a couple of months she was done and decided to retire because she had a boyfriend and didn’t wanna do it anymore.
So again nobody was groomed ,nobody was talked into this business this is something they chose on their own. And if you have a problem with anything that is on my site , you can kindly get your ass off my site. I don’t need your bad comments , your stupid attitude, or your wild imagination Placing negative comments on my feed with your small minded Brain. You are the pervert looking at me so stay off my feed and mind your own business !!! nobody asked you to look at my stuff !!!! leave it to the decent guys that like what they see !!!!! You assholes that don’t approve can go fuck off!!!

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