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27th Mar 2020 from TwitLonger

About Mouffin:

Last summer around this time, Mouffin and I had started to grow close. We quickly up became pretty good friends and eventually developed feelings for one another, and around June/May of last year, Mouffin asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. We hadn't met face to face, so I told him, that I wanted to be exclusive but, that I didn't want to give him the title of a boyfriend until I met him face to face. We talked about twitchcon at the time, and agreed that would be fine. He offered to come and visit me but I told him twitchcon would be alright by me. No big deal right? But then, that exact day of us becoming exclusive, I received notification from my friends, that mouffin was dming other girls, some of which were my mutuals, some of which were my friends, asking for lewds/nudes. I confronted him with this, told him I couldn't date it as my last relationship I was being cheated on, he begged me for another chance, that which I gave. Fast forward, to july, I hear from another third party he does it again, only this time, the girl he slides into dms of is underage. I confront him about sliding into someone's dms, he doesn't deny it for the second time, but I also am in denial of the fact that the girl he was messaging was probably underage. I tell him I still like him, but that I cannot date him. he understands, tells me he'll wait for me, I tell him to not do that and I just want to be friends with him but I do have feelings, but will not date him. We continue to be friends, playfully flirt, and hang out, all the way up until twitchcon. When twitchcon approached, I was going to end up not being able to go due to financial reasons in my personal life. Starhabit and Mouffin worked together, and sent me the funds to go without my permission/letting me know. I told them that I would pay them back, and since, have paid them back for everything.

Right before I show up to twitchcon (I got there a day or so late) he's drunk messaging me telling me how much he loves me, how much he wants to date me, I tell him let's just take things slow and be friends and meet and see where things go and I tell him I want to hang out with the homies. I get to twitchcon and Mouffin immediately holds up his phone showing me my picture is his background. I thought it was weird, but I shrugged it off. Not even 5 minutes later, he's in my face, trying to touch me and kiss me. A few of my friends had to step in between us and tell him to relax. He backed off. I asked my friends to not leave me alone as I was seriously scared for my safety around him as I went to put my stuff away. Later that night he got drunk and his drunkness only made his behavior worse when he saw me on the lap of another guy I happened to been vibing with hella hard. During the trip he was being aggressive with other girls at the AirBnB, being creepy, touching them and grabbing their wrists so hard he left bruises on them. This led to the others girls and I telling the other guys at the AirBnB to watch out for us, not to leave us alone with him and to check on us because we were all scared for our safety. I'm sure these girls would be comfortable coming forward and testifying their own side of this night, confirming everything that has happened. I ended up leaving with the guy I was with because I was scared being in that house with him which according to my friends led to him crying the rest of the night telling everyone I led him on with the promise of a relationship and took off to hook up with someone else, which was not really the case. When I told him before twitchcon, I just wanted to be friends, I told him during, and after as well, that I just wanted to be friends. I was very clear about my intentions, and have proof, he told everyone instead, that I led him on for months, shittalked me to my peers, and made me seem like some succubus who led him on, leeched off him, and that he paid for me to "go to twitchcon" and that I "used him" for that, when I never did, and paid him back for everything I could when I was able to :c. a week after twitchcon, he blocked me with no explnation and went about his way to make me seem like a horrible person for the next several months.

Him and I didn't talk until late janaury. I had tried to have some friends reach out to him but he wasn't interested in making up until then. I initiated talking first, since deep down I truly missed his friendship and wanted to put aside the bad behavior. I had heard rumors about him slandering me, but didn't know for sure. Him and I made up, but I was notified around that time that the reason he might be going on an apology spree for any bad behavior, is because he had been dming underage girls sexually and a girl and others had posted on their private twitters. He had sent them videos and engaged with sexual behavior with them. My blood ran cold, my mental flashed back to the second girl he slide into the dms of when him and I were exclusive... I knew then that I couldn't really deny what I had first heard back then. Mouffin had a penchant for underage girls and overall extremely predatory behavior towards women.

A lot of these underage girls are not coming forth, He has bullied them into deleting evidence, he's offered them compensation / gifts etc for their silence and corporation, this I know for a fact. I also was told by people whom attended Blizzcon that he offered alcohol to minors, I don't think that they accepted it but, the fact stands he was offering alcohol to people who are under the legal age. Some of these girls are no older than 15, they can't even drive a car legally and he's actively talking to them sexually (sending them nudes/asking them for nudes) as recently as January (As far as I know) and offering services. Blizzard has been made aware of ALL THIS information and opened an investigation, but in my opinion have not done enough. I feel I need to go public with the information that I have now because this man is actively continuing his predatorial ways while being highlighted in the community by his involvement with OWL, and using his power and charm to hide a lot of the evidence. I believe women in the community are at risk from this individual. From what I know he is talking to or talked to hundreds of women, sending his dick to the majority and he isn't always caring about their age. He is very charming and knows how to use his popularity to 'open doors' for him to talk to girls, especially, younger ones. You would think his "tendencies" would stop once he reached OWL, but he has seemed to use his new status to talk to even more girls and get away with even more.

I know there are plenty of woman with their own personal 'Mouffin story', that before today were scared to go public, not knowing if they had the support from the community. Regardless of your age or the severity of your interaction with him, please know that there many people in this community including me that will have your back and be there for you no matter what. There is plenty of popular Overwatch community members doing very similar things and Mouffin isn't even close to being the only predator in the scene, but there is so many victims scared for either their safety or reputation that very rarely do these things get brought into the light. Your story is important and you deserve to be heard. We can't keep letting these people get away with using their platforms or popularity to sexually exploit others and until we as a community start rallying against this behavior it will continue to happen.

here in this imgur link, is him openly admitting to compensating someone for his behavior by buying their silence with getting them a computer, and along with ss of our dms where you can see I tell him that we aren't dating and that I can't date him due to sliding into dms of other people, and here he is confirming that, thus disproving all the lies he's told people about me since twitchcon.

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