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Org Mistreatment @NoweaverE :)

Before I discuss the situation, I just wanted to say that I appreciate and want to thank all my teammates and staff members for creating an amazing experience for me. Thank you for respecting and listening to all my ideas and opinions as a player. I had such a wonderful time playing on the team with each and every one of you guys. You all sure did make the experience of playing on a team well worth wild. <3 Thankyou Fundrae, Naahmie, BRS, Bork, Lab, Don, Badd, Cherhorowitz, Taylor and Coda!

Org Mistreatment

So first off, starting with contracts, they wrote a contract for us that was basically indecipherable and illegible that clearly stated no benefits for the players/coach but themselves and threatened us to sign the contract by stating the player will not receive any prize money if they had not signed the contract. After a couple of days, the org owners further threatened us to sign the contract by “tonight”, or else they would kick those that have not signed the contract yet.

Link: “Do they think they have the choice ? When owners is free to swap players each weeks of contenders ?”

During this time, our manager “Cherhorowitz” had tried to defend us and communicate with the org owners that players were unsatisfied with the contract therefore they will not sign the contract. She had expressed to the org owners that she had not agreed with the org owner’s mindsets and anything stated in the contracts as there were no benefits for the team and everything was written in order to solely benefit the org. However, the org owners decided to criticise her and guilt trip her by claiming that the previous roster did not like her as a manager and he was the one that kept her in her current position of manager. Therefore, implying that she “owes” him.

Link: &

Not only that, the org owners only wanted to profit off of us and always claimed that they worked as hard or harder than the players. We scrim 6 days straight, usually 4 hrs and on top of that vod review and ranked during our free time. Majority of us are students and so most of us don’t really have much time but we always look to put aside other important things to make time. Our coach is on the Australian schedule whilst living in NA, waking up at awful times. We all basically devote our lives to improving at the game, being a better player and moving forward as a team. Everyone can agree that we play because we're all passionate and love the game but it's unfair for you as an org to abuse that.


The contract had stated that our players/coach would receive approximately 10 percent of winnings and the rest would go to the org. We had a non existent salary & sponsorships. They threatened us to not trial for other teams by expressing that they would take all our prize winnings if we had trialled without their permission.

In addition to contract issues, the players would be heavily criticised during scrims and officials by org owners. For instance, when we had lost our first officials, we were asked “How did you lose?” with a very hostile tone and them belittling us.

Not only did they belittle us, but they also got upset at us for losing scrims. To me, scrims are for practising and results don’t matter in scrims. Like what? New meta, new compositions, new hero bans. Scrims are for trial and error. Results really don’t matter in scrims yet they make it seem like it is the end of the world. There are many instances where the org owners had personally messaged coaches to belittle and trash talk their own players in DMs due to scrim losses. - I don’t have screenshots of these since the org owners had deleted the DMs but everyone including coaches & manager can testify to this.

Furthermore, one of our players had been criticised for not reading a DM left by org owners quick enough. Link:

The org owners had recently posted an “LFT Manager Contenders” in several discords, looking to replace our manager. I was against this idea and so was everyone else on the team because our manager had protected us and stood up for us when situations were rough between org owners and the team. Although I'm not really good at standing up for myself, I’m always willing to stand up for those I care about. I wanted to protect our manager hence I had messaged the org owner to discuss the issue and expressed that I would leave if our manager left because I just generally did not want to play under the org with half the roster gone and them planning to kick the manager as well.

When messaging about the manager replacement, the org owners had claimed that “I was blackmailing them” because I had said that I would leave if our manager had left. As a result, I addressed the topic back to contracts since they wanted to talk about “blackmailing”. Which is what they attempted to do to us.

Link: So apparently, “the contract blackmailing” was just to add pressure so the players wouldn’t leave which in my opinion is just not right to do.

There were also many situations in which the org has attacked players without understanding the situation first and foremost.

Exhibit A: Monkey Bubble Tournament - This was a charity community tournament to assist the Australian bushfires that occurred earlier this year. During this tournament, viewers would donate to the stream and call compositions in which they wanted to see run by teams. Someone had donated during the team’s match against Ground Zero to run 6 mercys’ which we had to obliged to. This resulted in the org owners becoming infuriated and upset because they thought we were trolling the matches which led to criticizing the players.

Exhibit B: Flexing your SR - Link:

You talk about professionalism and all that during our conversation..

but you post stuff like this on your twitter:

I usually don’t really get upset at anything but I despise when others disrespect my teammates or those I care about. I think I will end it like this. Sorry for the long twitlonger and thank you for reading. As for NoWeaver, all the players and staff left.

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