Regarding the NordavindNO and Nordavind Academy teams in the Nordic League

Hi everyone! We at the Nordic League want to clarify some of the decisions made in regards to the changes in the NordavindNO and Nordavind Academy teams that are going to take part from Monday and forward.

First of all, Nordavind's elimination from the Nordic Championship impacted their NordavindNO team a lot. It's up to them to tell why, if they want to, but this led to a situation where they would need to change 4 out of 5 players in their Nordic League lineup. As this would lead to them either fielding players that took part in the Nordic Championship or forfeiting the tournament, they came to us with a proposal. The proposal was that they would move players from their Academy to fill in the NordavindNO team and then forfeit the rest of their Academy team's matches.

Our goal with the Nordic League is first and foremost to give organizations and players a platform to compete and show people that they exist. We want teams to field up and coming talent or people that they think can take the next step with a bit more practice/experience. If we would've turned down Nordavind's proposal we would've been stuck in a situation where they would either fill the team with already established players or having to forfeit the tournament. That's why we agreed to go with their proposal, below we'll try to explain exactly how this will look in reality.

NordavindNO will still maintain their spot in Group A. However, they will field a roster including Nordavind Academy players which will look like this:



This is the roster they are allowed to use for the rest of the tournament, no exceptions will be made. This also means that the Nordavind Academy team will cease to exist. What does this mean for the teams in Group B then? Well, everyone won against Nordavind Academy in the first round but only two teams have played them in the second. The teams that played them are NYYRIKKI, who won, and Absolved, who lost. Since this would impact not only playoff positions but also the standings at the top of the group. We have decided to nullify all Nordavind Academy results, meaning they will now record a 0-2 loss against all teams, even Absolved.

But why are we giving Absolved a free win even though they lost fair and square? Cause at the time Absolved played them, Nordavind Academy had made two changes to their roster. If Absolved were the only team to face Nordavind Academy while they played with that, by the looks of it improved, roster then we think it would be more unfair to not void the result and give them the win.

In the end, all we wished for during this season is that teams got to prove their worth and that it would lead to new players rising up. By the looks of it, this is something we are going to achieve. Hopefully, we will have an entertaining playoff in about three weeks where we can crown our first champions of the Nordic Leauge.

If you have any questions regarding our decision or if you just want to ask something else about the Nordic League, we are happy to answer you in our Twitter DM's.

The Nordic League Admins

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