Gabriel Toledo · @FalleNCS

21st Mar 2020 from TwitLonger

Playing another online league and CSGO ranking issue

We have been invited to play ESL NA Pro League group on a limited basis, not interfering with our commitment to Flashpoint.

We decided to play Flashpoint earlier this year instead of Pro League due to conflict of dates and also because within our organization, and as players, we do believe that "Flashpoint league" has a better structure in terms of bringing revenue to the teams involved, which is important long term for maintaining the team. Also, we believe the content and structure is overall a better product for the long term.

With the Corona Virus situation around the world there won't be many tournaments to play this semester. Being the next better ESL ranked team we have been given the invite. I'm happy for that as it is a chance to play another competition.

Despite this time being on the better part of it, I believe that no tournament organizer should be able to have their own Ranking. This is dangerous as it can be used to weigh your own tournaments more heavily than others - and this hurts the players and the fans. It's more than time to have a official ranking where teams can grow up from the bottom with even opportunities. The best teams should have fair chance to emerge.

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