Wartime leadership - not just hand sanitiser & loo roll #coronavirus #covid-19

My personal nightmare - 10 years ago https://youtu.be/CRjoAt9k5lE - tested my resiliency and leadership skills in the most undeniable, horrific way.

How I processed information, or even communicated or my determined perseverance, or how I responded to significant failure or my response to considerable medical resistance, my natural resilience, and what I have to gone onto achieve since - https://youtu.be/GrOFzPkZApE - mean that your leaders must listen to my credible story, either virtually or as a keynote speaker and facilitator.

It strikes me that my ten year challenges are exactly the same as those faced by our wartime politicians, business and charity leaders during this terrifying coronavirus pandemic.

In the meantime, may you have enough loo rolls, be warm and fed and ofcourse covid-19 free.


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