Corona situation

Dear Atlanteans,

After deliberating the severity and possible consequences of the Corona virus, we and Nintendo decided together to postpone the Dutch Team Cup finals.
The Atlantis tournament itself will also be postponed. We regret to make this decision, but your health and safety outweighs everything.
The new dates of the tournaments are still to be decided since we do not know how this pandemic will develop.
As Atlantis will be delayed, the refund deadline will also be extended from this day until one week before the T.B.A. new tournament date.

If you have any further questions regarding the Dutch Team Cup, please contact your representatives at Nintendo.
If you have any further questions regarding the Atlantis series, please use the contact information provided on the Smashgg page.

Until then, make sure you follow the guidelines provided by your local government and let's hope this way we can dive into the deep in the near future.

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