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13th Mar 2020 from TwitLonger

RGL - COVID-19 - LAN Update

The RGL team has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in regard to our 2020 RGL LAN Playoffs event. We are all aware of the unique circumstances that people across our country and globe are facing in regard to COVID-19.

As of today (03/12), the New Jersey authorities are enforcing the cancelation of all public gatherings consisting of more than 250 individuals. This is to combat the spread of the virus in the state, where there has been a statewide total of 29 positive cases (6 occurring today). Our projected attendance numbers will fall well below the 250-individual limit, however restrictions may be tightened as we approach the day of the event. It is possible for the event to be cancelled for reasons outside of Helix or RGL’s control, so any relevant information will be relayed to the community as it becomes available.

Currently, Helix eSports has no plans on closing and will continue to maintain operations. Given this information, we have not formally cancelled plans for the LAN event, but this is not a fixed decision. The possibility remains that the event could be cancelled at any point, and in light of this we encourage the following courses of action for the community:

- For all attendees, we suggest purchasing travel insurance with a “Cancel For Any Reason” policy. We would also recommend choosing or changing travel plans to accommodate for possible cancellation. Any future expenditures you make should be made under the assumption that refunds could be required.
- Any prospective spectators who have not already committed to travel costs should avoid doing so and are discouraged from attending the event.
- Those in attendance should be mindful of hygiene and risk minimization strategies
At RGL, we want to prioritize a safe environment for our players and will not plan to host the LAN if we feel it poses a significant danger to the community. At this point, the LAN is still scheduled but we are closely monitoring the situation. Expect further updates through our various platforms, thank you to everyone for their flexibility and support during this time of great uncertainty

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