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11th Mar 2020 from TwitLonger

How Besiktas Esports have scammed me and my team for around 40.000€

In february 2019 Besiktas Esports breached our first contract with them, as they were late on paying us all salary. No alarms were ringing at that time, as we were told our salaries would roll into our bank accounts in the matter of a couple of days. After a couple of days we would ask again, and the new respond would be another excuse, followed up one week after, a complicated story about how the shareholders switched around. (Yes, its confusing, and they were obviously feeding us these stories to stall us)
It kept going on and on for months, more excuses - We were being being told that alot of money an investor had put into the company were gone, and after he got to know his almost 100.000 thousand of euros weren't being dealt with proper within the company, and they were lost, he obviously dipped out of his contract. Which means Besiktas Esports suddenly stood without an investor nor money.. Well atleast that's what they claim.

Having spoken to the rest of Besiktas Esports teams nobody seemed to get paid, other than their main League of Legends team.

I'd also mention that I as a team captain have been extremely gullible with the people running Bjk esport, as I've given them the benefit of the doubt for far too long. I've been stalled with hundreds of phonecalls from them all personally, explaining and telling me about the situation theyre in, and how i and my team would be *first* priority to whenever money would come in - Not to mention that none of them are getting paid either. Lets speak a little about that aswell.
They're grown men with wifes and kids, yet they claim they haven't been paid for more than 11 months. - Which I highly doubt.

They said they wanted to re-contract us for months, and it has been in draft for a very long time aswell, and as soon as we get it, there's hidden NDA's inside of the contract, loopholes for us all to get caught in, taking our voices and owed money away. Thankfully we didn't sign it.
But all of this basically means we've been working off contract for Besiktas 9 months, with only their words being a contract between us. We represented them in the qualifiers for GGF, and we qualified for the World championship under their name. When THAT happened they did pay us all 1.000 euro each - Telling us in 3 weeks the missing salaries would be paid to us.

That is now.. 5 months ago, and we still havent seen as much as one euro.

The excuses keep coming and coming, staling us continuesly.

We're done now. Last week when I tweeted we'd go in more details today, I got to find our the Academy team of Besiktas Esports now also gets paid salaries, yet we're ignored still.

I was again stalled to wait until today, wednesday the 11th of March
Screenshot of them begging for us to wait -->

Screenshot of one of the CEO's claiming they aren't paying their academy roster, when I've had multiple contact with their players, confirming theyre receiving money -->

No responsibility is taken in this esports organization, and I'm sorry for all of their fans unconditionally supporting them, but please take a step back and take a look at how many players under their name they have scammed during the last 2 years.

Besiktas Esports now owe me and my team a rough number of 40.000 Euros together.

We've given them enough patience - Far too much patience. And too much benefit of the doubt. There is no clear sign ahead that we will ever get paid back our money that we've worked for under their name. My heart cries for all of the players (20+ players at this point and staff) that has been punished by Besiktas.

We have all contract drafts, NDA's and whatnot that they have tried to make us sign, plus more than 100+ screenshots of them stalling us, filling us with lies. Voice recordings of them doing the exact same but making it look more person and reliable. All this documentary will be slowly released. This post is just a small and simplified fraction of everything that has happened.

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