2011 Tohoku earthquake was caused by earthquake weapons used at equal interval

2011 Tohoku earthquake was composed of 5 consecutive M7 class earthquakes happening at almost equal intervals of 35-20-20-20 seconds.

In the TV program of NHK, Assistant Professor Hidenori Kawabe of Kyoto University revealed, based on his analysis, that 5 earthquakes occurred during the two minutes period over the area of 500 km by 200 km off the coasts of Miyagi, Fukushima, and Ibaraki prefectures as follows:

1. Initial earthquake M 7.7.
2. 35 seconds later M 8.0.
3. 20 seconds later M 7.2.
4. 20 seconds later M 7.3.
5. 20 seconds later M 7.5.
6. A mysterious mudslide occurred at the bottom of the sea.


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