Moving on before I become fully washed

Ill try keep this short because no one gives a shit about these posts haha

Over the past few weeks, Ive had a pretty big motivation drop within R6. This is due to a few things, but i think the big one is because ive accomplished what i set out to do, which was make PL again and qual for a LAN. This motivation loss has made me rethink my position within the team, so much so that I will actually be stepping down to the sub/coach role for Kanga for the remainder of this PL season and beyond. I think this is the right play since my performance has dropped and Boats, who will be replacing me, is fresh and keen to gun fools.

In addition to this, Ive also got the chance to do full time delivery work and Ive also applied to join the ADF which will likely see me Off The Grid around mid year (if i succeed)

Lastly, shout out to all my current and previous team mates. Idc what our current beef levels were/are, I would do it all again if it means learning everything ive learnt and getting better in-game and out all over again. Cheers cunts #KangGang

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