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9th Feb 2020 from TwitLonger

Official Rules for Hardcore Tarkov Season 5 #EscapeFromTarkov #HardcoreTarkov

Although maybe people have taken it upon themselves to try Hardcore Tarkov with their own variations of the rules many still use my rule set for their play through. Here are the official Hardcore Tarkov rules for Season 5 that have been adapted for Hideout use:

Hardcore Season 5 Rules:

1. You can not purchase equipment from Dealers and Market with money.
2. You are allowed to Barter for equipment.
3. No Flea Market.
4. Secure container for keys and post-raid money management.
5. In-raid & Task money can be used to purchase armor repairs & any container.
6. In-raid & Task USD can be used to complete missions.
7. Mission specific items can be bought using in-raid money.
8. Terragroup labs can be entered with the use of a key. No limitations.
9. No Scavenger Raids.
10. Only play with other Hardcore Players.
11. No assistance from friends/communities.


12. Money obtained from leveling Dealer Reputations will no longer be deleted. It will now be stored and used for Hideout Upgrades that require money. You can exchange RUB - USD - EUR however you see fit but you can NOT use the money to purchase items from the flea market to upgrade your hideout.
13. Items required for hideout upgrades must be either crafted in the hideout or found in raid.
14. You can craft in the hideout.

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