Majeed Ullah Khan (@MBTParty Pres) Statement on SC Refusal on Interim #CAA Stay

📢Press Release📢

➡️ *MBT President Majeed Ullah Khan Official Statement on Supreme Court Refusing Interim Stay on CAA; Challenges Amit Shah to Visit Ongoing Shaheen Bagh Protests to Face Public Instead of TV Debates*

Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) President Majeed Ullah Khan (Farhat) contended that the Constitution of India has always been intended to be “Common Sense” codified. It is clear that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) goes against Articles 5, 10, 14 and 15 of the constitution. It is appalling that the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India deferred hearings in its refusal to put an interim legal stay on the draconian CAA and modified National Population Register (NPR) until pronunciation of their final verdict.

Already on the foothold of the Supreme Court’s negligent and fallible judgment in the contentious and volatile Babri Masjid verdict, the people’s trust in a truly secular, non-partisan Supreme Court is wavering. Moreover, the refusal on interim CAA stay has the common public gravely concerned regarding the growing, free reign of a bigoted, right-wing RSS-BJP specter looming over the nation that we continue to battle on all fronts.

➡️ *On Ongoing Protests*
MBT challenges BJP Home Minister Amit Shah to avoid footloose manufactured "debate challenges" to random politicians for empty political mileage but rather come out into the streets and face the growing public and fearless women at the ongoing Shaheen Bagh Protests in Delhi to receive a firm and fitting reply from those directly affected by the RSS hate agenda infused draconian law. Amit Shah need not venture far, as Shaheen Bagh is right in his backyard.

The nation of India has erupted in mass protest and agitation—daily and hourly—with all secular-minded folk, including women and children, of all backgrounds standing up peacefully in defense of the democratic, secular soul of the nation. In addition, multiple state governments have formally passed anti-CAA, NRC, NPR resolutions of which the Supreme Court needs to remain cognizant. The public remains confused and concerned over the nexus of the three processes whereas the modified NPR remains a precursor to NRC, and in conjunction with CAA would render numerous minorities—particularly the poor amongst them—including Muslims and Dalits, SC, ST, BC and more in villages and tribal areas unfairly having their human and civil rights as Indians infringed upon.

As we are to respect the assumed sanctity of the legal process, we continue to be cautiously optimistic as the legal battle in the apex court plays out while calling on all secular-minded people to reaffirm and strengthen agitations as it is their constitutionally afforded right. Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) continues to extend support in all means to proactive multi-organization coalitions such as the TS&AP Joint Action Committee (JAC), Forum for Protection of Constitutional Rights, SC, ST, BC, Muslim Front, Young India Coordination Committee Hyderabad Chapter, all Student Unions, Left allies, and especially common citizens who are leading the march forward against the draconian laws and processes that have engulfed our nation.

➡️ *On Current Situation in TS State*
Additionally, MBT continues to challenge TRS Chief Minister KCR and the State Government of Telangana in addition to all non-BJP states to avoid being coy but rather take a firm, official stand and issue State Assembly resolutions rejecting and challenging CAA, NRC, NPR similar to other Indian states. "Pied Piper and Spin-Doctored" messages by various rung TS State officials are not to be blindly followed, but formal actions are needed in order to further strengthen arguments against the current processes and put anxiety of the public to rest.

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