Hard decision about my content

Hello beans!
Today I have something important to tell you. As many of you know, I'm not just a normal, healthy person. Those who follow me from the beginning of my journey as a camgirl know, that I have sick intestines and that my immune system works against my body. There are good and bad days, but now I just have a really bad period. I don't want you to listen about how I feel right now, cause no one's deserve talking for hours about fainting, belly & knee pain or bruises on my legs (that's actually funny cause many of you were asking if I have these bruises after good BDSM play haha! No, I wish that so bad but unfortunately these are side effects of my meds).

Let's get to the heart of the matter: I'm in really bad condition. Really, really bad condition that I think I'm not able to work like that now. I don't have enough strength to stay here with you guys.. and I'm really sorry. It would be really hard to stay online on socials when I know that I will spend next few months travelling to hospitals, cause that's what my doc said to me on last visit. That I need to be prepared for such a strong therapy that includes staying in hospital, etc.

I think that I achieved a lot and I'm so happy with that. I've met so many beautiful people here, who support me not only with money, but also with their hearts and smiles! I love you guys! And I'm gonna miss you. Maybe 3k followers on instagram and 10k followers on chaturbate is not SO MUCH but I'm still grateful for every single person! Thank you my dear beans for every message and stream with you, mwah!

I had to make a hard decision. But health is the most important thing in my life and that's it. I'm sorry to say that but I'm gonna delete all my Witchy accounts (chaturbate, twitter, instagram, snapchat) on the first day of March. Till this day I will try to be as active o my instagram story as it's possible, to have one last contact with you guys. If you wanna buy something from me (pics, videos, snapchat premium, skype calls, used underwear) you have last chance, cause on the first day of March there will be no option to contact with me anywhere. Of course if you ordered something already, for example custom video and I'm now in period of making it - don't worry, you will receive it before March.
Also, if you wanna make me smile one last time with a goodbye gift from my amazon wish list you need to hurry up, cause I'm gonna delete it too. (link here: https://www.amazon.de/hz/wishlist/ls/2A4M24GRGP4YO/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1?_encoding=UTF8&type=wishlist )

Most important thing: last stream. I'm gonna make a goodbye stream for those who wanna say goodbye witchy :) I think in February, cause now I feel so dizzy every day (if I would faint on stream chaturbate would probably freakin ban me cause they don't like sleeping streamers LOL).

Last but not least: thanks to @Yeabunny1 team, for making me a part of their history. I'm grateful that I was your first model ever and I cross my fingers for @Bunny_Marthy's agency and business. Check out her website: https://yeabunny.com/

As I said, I'm gonna miss you guys. But I need to focus on myself, on my health. I'm not sure if I will ever come back to camming. But it was really fun to try it in my life. You will always be a part of my witchy, spooky heart. And I will never forget how we laugh on streams, how much sexual satisfaction you get me with your tips but also how beautiful people you are.
Love you all & feel free to message me about anything,
kisses - Witchy

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