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14th Jan 2020 from TwitLonger

Qualifying for Nordics just to be screwed over...

I have been too furious and sad to write this before now. Though i still wanted to bring the story out since i feel like i need to.
Many people know by now that i swapped to jungle in the middle of december 2019. And despite me pulling back my LFT as mid. I got offers to tryout as jungle. So no i wasn't out actively looking.
I had 2 tryouts as jungle. One for a team participating in the new Belgian Riot league and for Hillerød Esports. The Belgian team chose someone else and i was fine with it. They were nice to give a clear answer early and they had some pretty good candidates for the role.
The Hillerød tryout started in late december and i did pretty well in this tryout. I was told that their former player Flipper had the oppurtunity to get the spot back as jungle if he wanted to by the end of the tryouts and was acceptful of this.
We are past new years now. Hillerød told me the tryouts would be done by then. I had been sick for 5 days straight at this point and messaged them quickly if i had made it onto the team. Their reply came in an announcement on the tryout discord. https://gyazo.com/b0aec27e5b7751cc818adfc32227b663

Translating the first 2 lines it says:
" Hey boys, good new year"
"The tryout is actually done now, and we have decided the players we want"
Where i get tagged and that of course means im on the roster.

At this point im pretty stoked. Since i liked playing with the team and could see us making it into Nordics.

1st Nordic qualifier
We participated with the main team. We won first game, but ran into Skudes superteam in second round and got smashed.

2nd Nordic qualifier
Our midlaner Sloth wasn't home to play so we decided our best winning chance was using the academy jungler Mixsi and using me in the midlane. Since you know. I've mained this role for 2 years now and was still pretty good at it. Given it was an easier bracket we still pretty much smashed every team with some pretty good macro and vision game. Therefore making us advance to Nordics.

Here comes the sad part and where Hillerød shows me why they are probably the most unprofessional organisation i have ever met.
AFTER the qualifier. And im going to put extra pressure on this. AFTER THE QUALIFIER.
I am then told. Despite winning the tryout, that if a superstar jungler comes along they might go with that instead. I of course think this is pretty bullshit and keeps pressuring them for a clear answer before the 2nd week of qualifiers are over. So that if they want to be ungrateful and fuck me over. I atleast have the chance to qualify with another team. The manager Jannik Kubel/Vand2 then tells me he is taking a break from Esports until monday. This is by the way after the 2nd week of qualifiers are over. So therefore i go to the coaches Krog and Stylle. Who both tells me that the situation isnt okay. But of course Jannik is sitting with the final say. I keep pressuring them to sit down and give me a clear answer before the qualifiers end. But as you can guess it never comes.
Some might say i should have left right there and then and tried a new team, but i really liked playing with the players and wanted to stay. So i did in the hopes of them not being completely ungrateful.
Come monday the 13th of january. I get asked if i can talk. Well of course i can. And im fully aware what this is about. Here im told they will be using Flipper as jungler. You all know Flipper right? The guy who decided to try and qualify with UniQ and was given a very long time to choose if he wanted to return to Hillerød. And yeah he didnt qualify. So even though i had been loyal and commited to the team that didnt matter. And to be honest im thinking when they tell me this. This cant be happening. That anyone would be such complete ungrateful dicks.

Im then offered a substitute spot and oh boy im getting angry at this point. Or give me recommendations if i want to LFT. Ah yeah LFT is for sure going to work in the middle of january after all qualifiers are over. I havent answered them back on this offer yet and this tweet will probably make it pretty clear what i think about it.

So imagine the situation:
1. I got contacted to tryout
2. I win the tryout
3. We qualify to Nordics
4. I get screwed over and have no chance of finding a new team now.

But in the end it doesn't matter. Because Jannik or Vand2 doesn't care about who he steps on.
For now i have no idea what im going to do. I guess ill be streaming more often and improve.
I basically wasted my last month commiting time to a team, which i wont be playing with. And its hard to say i hope they dont win a single game. Because i have nothing against the players. They were all really nice and i even talked to them all. All wanted the roster to stay as it were. So in the end GL to the players and idk Jannik Kubel/Vand2 should probably not be in charge of anything. Or atleast i hope he learns from this.

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