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8th Jan 2020 from TwitLonger

Roster Changes

I know many of our fans are going to be confused by our roster change, so I thought I'd make this to clear a few things up. There are a lot of factors included when it comes to roster changes and I see people jump to conclusions way too often. Hopefully I cover most of why this happened, just understand that this was something that’s been building up for months.

Mist joined the team just before RLCS Season 8 under The Peeps. Arsenal left the team after we qualified for RLCS, and Mist was one of our top picks for a replacement. We had no clue that we would do as well as we did with a fresh pickup. We won Dreamhack Montreal, signed with the Pittsburgh Knights, placed 3rd in RLCS, 2nd in RLCS Regionals, and made Top 6 at Worlds. So why did we drop Mist if we were placing so well?

During RLCS Season 8, Mist approached me asking about his buyout. I was worried and confused until a week later when I heard a rumor that another team was interested in picking him up for Season 9. Of course I did everything to figure out if he had any issues on the team or if there was anything that can make him more comfortable, but he assured me nothing was wrong and that he wasn’t planning on leaving. Eventually towards the end of the season I asked him if he would even consider leaving the team. He said, “It depends on if we make LAN or not.” Surely enough, we place 2nd in the Regional Championship and Top 6 and LAN. It was an amazing first season for our team, and I was extremely proud to say the least.

Shortly after we all got home from Madrid, Mist told us he wanted to have an important group meeting. It was revealed that another team asked him to tryout with them, and asked us if we were okay with him doing so. Retals told Mist that he can go tryout with a different team if he wants to, but in doing so he’s risking his spot on our roster even if he doesn’t get their spot. Gyro and I agreed to these terms, as there was no way for us to let Mist tryout with another team without trying out potential replacements ourselves. If Mist didn’t bother to tryout, we would’ve kept him without hesitation. This situation was nothing new to us. Arsenal left us before Season 8, and scrambling to find a new 3rd was extremely stressful. Mist took the tryout, and with that we started scrimming with other players. We found that we were extremely happy scrimming with AyyJayy, and decided that there was no turning back at that point.

I have no doubt in my mind that Mist will have a long and satisfying career no matter where he ends up for Season 9. He’s a fantastic player and I truly enjoyed my time working with him. I wish him nothing but the best in the future.


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