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1st Jan 2020 from TwitLonger

Regarding ARG Feedback:

Hi GITCY friends!

As many of you have noticed, we've recently put together a bit of a weird augmented reality game (ARG) in order to build suspense and excitement leading up to a secret HD release of the first volume of George Wood's classic Gaming in the Clinton Years videos slated to premiere on the War of Awards YouTube channel. Once the final 40-character code is deciphered by the community, the video will be uploaded.

The game began with two very strange video messages featuring George (first on Halloween, then Christmas) and picked up some drama with the unannounced privatization of certain videos on the NAVGTR channel and uploading of video clips that were curated and shared through a popular Twitter feed. During that time, some pointed out that they felt it was unfair that we didn't give special credit to the specific location of those edited clips. We agreed they should get a shout out and placed the community's web address in the descriptions of those videos, which shared a well-deserved nod to that community.

While parts of an ARG typically involve secrecy or confusion through sets of actions, themes, and coded puzzles, we found that some in our community felt personally attacked or angered by not being able to view some of their favorite videos on our channel, especially without knowing why they were removed. We truly appreciate your support of those videos and your need for the absurdity that is the GITCY footage. We also learned that some of the more public members of the community may have felt an unwelcome pressure or anxiety to participate or deliver particular aspects of the game, and this was never our intention. No one should be bothered or harassed by others in hopes that they perform or commit to certain expectations that they hadn't signed on for, especially over a silly game. If anyone felt unnecessary or unwanted pressure in the midst of people trying to figure out the riddles, we offer an honest apology.

Additionally, it's been brought to our attention that several members of the community had a legitimate concern for George's well-being due to some of the chaotic and trippy content that was being put out during the event. George just happens to be a massive fan of Twin Peaks and we all thought it would be fun to tap into his love for David Lynch's incredibly surreal narrative direction and that the show's themes would fit our ARG-styled cryptic puzzles nicely. Being a huge nerd, he loved the idea.

On that note, we want to assure you all that good ol' George is quite safe and happy enjoying the new year with his family and friends - and as 2020 kicks off, we hope you are too.

Of course, to everyone who played along and patiently relished in the game, thanks for hanging in there and giving it all a shot.

Here's the final code for those still invested in solving the puzzle:

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