I'm retiring. Full Statement Attached. Thank you everyone for everything.

It’s really hard to walk away from what has been the most important thing in my life for the past five years. Esports has, without exaggeration, given me once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences. There are too many to count, but some stand out to me looking back. The relief and disbelief of making my first championship in 2016. The awe of making Worlds the same year. The suffocating, overwhelming misery of losing at Blizzcon. My angry desire to not let that be the end of my legacy. Representing my country in Germany at the Global Games Finals. Missing out on two championships in 2017 by one match each time. And my personal favorite: winning Dreamhack Austin 2018 over my good friend Zalae in the finals. In the moments following that win, for the first time in my career, I realized that there would be an end. I felt content for possibly the first time in my life. I am so, so grateful for every experience I’ve had, grateful for every friend I’ve made, and grateful to Blizzard for making the game I love.

I’d be remiss to not go through and thank the people that made my success possible, but I’m sure I’ll miss some even though I did my best not to.
My first practice partner, back in 2014, Eversiction, for opening my eyes to the semi professional scene and encouraging me to ever start competing
Amaz, Firebat, Purple, and the rest of Archon who gave me a shot back in 2015 when I was still just a kid with a ball and a dream
My longest standing practice partners: Muzzy, Saiyan, Flo, Leadpaint, Nostam, Frozen and anyone else who I worked with over the years. Without your help and support, I would never have been able to accomplish what I did
Trump, Dog, Hafu and others for inspiring me to take streaming seriously and continue to pursue it alongside my competitive career
The countless friends I’ve made along the way in my career. There are too many to list, but you all know who you are. I’ll miss seeing you.
All my fans who either watched online or ever came up to me in person: you guys are awesome. Your passion fuels esports and helps make it the great thing that it is, and I hope you continue to support the game and scene even after I’m gone.
Andy Miller and Reynad for taking me into their organizations and working with me to create something special. Nothing but respect and well wishes for my former teams.
Seth, Ben, Dave and everyone else at Red Bull who saw something in me and gave me the wings to do what I love.
Anyone who ever worked for one of my teams or sponsors who booked a flight or hotel or did any miscellaneous bullshit on my behalf: THANK YOU. I know your work often goes unacknowledged but I would never have been able to do my job without you all.
Pavel, and in later years Hunterace, for always giving me a rival to push against. I might have never said it (or had some choice words instead), but I’ve always respected you both for giving me something to strive for in my career. With you two around in your respective eras, no matter how good I thought I was, I could never call myself the best. I wish you both (and the many other players I’ve looked up to) all the best in your careers.
Frodan, who over the years has become one of my closest friends in the scene. Dan, your work ethic and relentless belief in yourself and others has inspired me to change my life for the better as well. I’m better off having known you, and the community is better off for having you. Don’t be a stranger.
Chakki, who even though he’s moved onto Blizzard heaven, had by far the most outsized effect on me as a player and competitor in my career. Chakk, you changed everything about how I viewed competing in Hearthstone, from preparation to gameplay. Blizzard is lucky to have you as an employee and I’m lucky to have you as a friend.

I don’t know if there ever really is a right time to leave something you love, but over the past year I’ve lost the fire I once had for competing in Hearthstone. Still, it was a hell of a run. Rather than dwindling into nothingness, I want to move on on my own terms, which means a clean break. I will not be participating in the next season of Grandmasters, and you will not see me playing or streaming Hearthstone going forward.
It’s scary to shelf such a significant part of my life indefinitely. But it’s also exciting. For so many years, competing in Hearthstone has given me purpose. I can’t wait to find the next thing in my life that gives me that same purpose. To my friends, family, fans, and Blizzard, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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