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19th Dec 2019 from TwitLonger

My 2019 and what i will be doing moving forward

So my 2019 started of in the best possible way... Or atleast i thought it did. At the time i was LFT after the disappointment split in the end of 2018. I had tried out for both Hobro and CPH Flames and despite good showings from me. Someone else got the spots. Then a team i had typed to looking for a tryout way earlier returned to me. Which was Singularity. At the time i had so much respect for the organisation. The things they had accomplished previously was impressive. So when i got told i could play under the organisation without even tryouting i was beyond excited. But that quickly turned into a nightmare situation.

Singularity disaster
See the thing is. We were playing both Telialigaen(Norwegian league) and LCD (Danish League). Therefore we had to field 3 Norwegians playing in one league and 3 Danish players in the other league. That meant our roster already had to be 6 players. So i honestly dont know how we ended up with 13 players on one roster. Having 13 players play scrims and games can be hard figuring out. That meant that the practice was limited and our official games sucked. I voiced my opinion and thought that we had to cut down to 5-6 players to save the rest of the split and get some good practice in. Since the entire reason for the many players was development (which really didnt happen at all) you can guess that they werent especially happy with my thoughts. Therefore they used the other midlaner and wanted me to coach the team. Since i had been coaching the scrims i didnt play and we didnt have a real coach the entire time. I coached the team for the rest of the split and when the organisation decided they wouldnt play the rest of the split. I went on to help coach FKE in the CSD.

Short FKE coaching
The team had finished 5th, but because someone couldnt play the playoffs. They got a shot at making it to 1st div. I wont say i did a whole lot for the team, but i was watching a couple of scrims and pointing out some mistakes, which the team quickly fixed going into playoffs. They actually managed to go from 5th to winning playoffs and making it to LCD.

Vipers 1.0
I decided to contact teams since the best way to making it onto a team is still to tell them you are interested and not to sit around waiting for someone to magically contact you. I got in contact with Bucks Vipers, which is now called Vipers Inc. They decided to let me create a roster. I actually went on to get a lot of people wanting to join. My thoughts was to make the tryout go over 2 weeks, but i didnt have the time for it. So the entire thing became a little scuffed. I didnt have the time to give everyone a fair tryout and picked people of few games. The roster wasnt bad as such, but the coaching staff wasnt existing. Therefore it was just a couple guys scrimming sometimes not really learning anything. Despite that we ended this split on a 5th place. And i got another try at rebuilding the team.

This time it was done right! Vipers 2.0
I was one of the first persons out contacting players i wanted and actually ended up locking a roster quite early. I got Nonki, Maltz, Me, Thor, Jeppehou and to round it out Vandetto and Vareitor as coaching staff. The first time i felt like i learned a lot every time we scrimmed. And this roster was pretty good tbh. We all learned a bunch of new macro and how to siege properly with baron and what to do to actually setup for a clean baron. Due to some internal issues we did end up falling short and just barely didnt make playoffs. This was still the team i learned the most under though. And despite a sad ending the improvement here was noticeable. Big shout out to Vandetto for the amazing coaching.

Last split of the year
I left Vipers and decided to send Kalhira through to Inteck(Manager of Vipers Inc) so he could build the next roster. In the start i actually didnt want to play another split. I wanted to relax and improve myself in SoloQ. Then Wicked Gaming responded to an earlier message i had made. They wanted me to build a roster for them to compete with. I want to clarify that the only reason i went with Wicked was because i at the time didnt want to scrim and it wasnt necessary here. So this ended up being the funniest roster i have ever been apart of. I wanted to play with Thor and Rottebengi. And Rottebengi convinced grim bil haha to join. So we had a solid 4 man. We agreed it was going to be 4fun and therefore decided ask the guy with probably the weirdest champpool i have ever seen Blindsap. And Av mit ansigt(Facehurt) as sub/cheerleader. On paper the roster was fine. But quickly we could see how good we actually were compared. First 2 weeks we won over 2 top teams both Hillerød and Fortress. And from there shitstomped the bottom 3 teams 2-0 the next 3 weeks. The last 2 weeks we met Atlando and Vipers. Both the series was quite close, but we ended up dropping both games 2-1. Where the fact that these teams had practiced together was noticeable. In playoffs we got smashed 3-0 by Hillerød the team that ended up winning it all. And then won 3-2 over Atlando in the 3rd/4th place decider. These games were anything else than tryhard. They did though ignite something for me. Which i will talk about in a second. Think the entire roster had a pretty good time, but it was also clear we werent going to stay as a team. Therefore all players Blindsap, Joachim, Thor and Rottebengi went LFT.

Moving forward
So actually i made a LFT post, but has since regretted it. Even though it wasnt tryhard we did roleswap in the 3rd/4th place decider. I played 3 jungle games. And this has actually made me wanting to play jungle again(I was main jungle back in Season 6). So for the foreseeable future i will be playing jungle in SoloQ and ill see how it goes. I have played Midlane serious for 2 years now and havent really gotten very far and actually been complaining about my role a lot. So it felt like the right step to try myself out back in the jungle. Which has been going pretty great so far.
I will for the next couple months be practicing jungle, but also looking for teams, which might need an assisting coach. I have a lot of knowledge in my bagpack from others about macro and the different roles and want to give it out :)


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