Leaving Mindfreak.

Where to start off…

I joined as a trial on DarkSided as their coach, we meshed well, the team was in bits of trouble, we all worked together as a team to squash those and put up a good performance in season 9

We then later joined Mindfreak, where we had a new roster, new season coming up and six masters and boy did the boys put on a show at six masters, that I am very proud of. Season 10 finishes up the boys played well, there are mistakes to fix but these guys are definitely hungry for top 2.

But all good things come to an end, I’ve been struggling with my mental health, it’s a struggle every day, I’m anxiety-riddled, and have moments of depression, with that my performance as coach/analyst has dipped drastically, but I need to focus on myself, I need to focus on myself getting better.

To the people who have supported me and the team, keep supporting them, these guys are still getting their traction and it's only up from here for them, they’re a great bunch of dudes, who are very talented.

For me, I will still be around, just not under Mindfreak.

To Mindfreak, thanks for being an awesome org, #MFWIN.

BakedBeenz Out.

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