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29th Oct 2019 from TwitLonger

Competitively done so thank you x

I was gonna make this short and sweet but it's a bit long, do apologise.

That's it for me competitively, as some of you know I was kinda holding onto the last strings with playing as I didn't really feel the love for the game as I used to when I started for bulldogs last year in Forge. Back then I was an extremely different person to who I am now with a lot more commitments which I have to take seriously over gaming. This has always been a side hobby and a possible dream of doing one day but that dream slowly started to die as the year past... Relegating from the UK LC, failing to put out wins nearly every week, failing Forge and Failing Relegation took a massive toll on me. As well with me (yea haha XD flex stfu) going into a relationship with Ishy and slowly learning how to become a proper bartender I was really ready to pack it all up.

Though Newts had a lot of faith in me being able to bring success to the team which failed before so for Bulldogs and Him I carried on playing as I'm never one to take failure as a way to quit. Going into UK LE coming fourth playing barely any league and with a team who played once a week, I think we did okay. Somehow making a miracle run at insomnia from losers to 2nd was truly the peak of my competitive experience as others will put it down the people who were there will know how hard it was mentally.

As for now though sadly losing the relegation tournament without even reaching the main bit just puts another failure on my cards and in the eyes of those who believed in me. I'm not sad, angry, disappointed but feeling like I've lost others the opportunity of the dreams they wanted.

I can only say thank you to everyone who has played with me, cope with my extreme mental explosions in game (: and met me in person. I'll still be around every now again but for now, I feel that my adult life starts here.

Though personally I want to thank Newts for giving me the opportunities which quite frankly I should have never got. I may have put in the time but my rank and overall attitude in-game were never indicators to others to take me but you took me over that. I will always forever be grateful for that Tony though I will always be sorry for the failure this year..

See ya around everyone,

EgoSpeed x

P.S. Any grammatical mistakes I apologise for as you all know I'm extremely shit at grammar

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