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20th Oct 2019 from TwitLonger


Like to start by saying this is not for the people who wanna @ spoodah or people who want to say “you got this bro, you’re a good player wait for next season”

I’m going to be quitting competitive rocket league. After getting demoted to rank a, it was it. I was already losing motivation in the game and that was the last straw. Although I feel I was good enough, I obviously wasn’t. I’ve had an amazing time and thank you to the few people who have supported me through the journey. I will still be playing the game in my free time just for fun, but as of now, I am done with competitive. With college starting, it makes me look back and see all the things I could have done, but never did. I have way more fun doing things outside of the game and I just think this game isn’t for me. Again, I’ve had a lot of fun and made so many friends and memories that will last my whole life. To all the people/players that hated me, sorry for whatever I did to upset you, I truly tried to care for every person I came into contact with, but you can’t please everyone. To the OG’s from xbox who helped me get to where I am, I will miss you guys, thanks for all you’ve done.

Few special shoutouts:

AlphaKep: Hey man, congrats on doing the thing I always dreamed of. Keep your head up and keep grinding. It was so fun teaming with you and zombie and I wouldn’t trade that back for anything. You are an amazing guy, and I truly wish the best for you. Love ya bro <3

jVogel: Idk if you will see this tweet, but if you do, you are one of my best friends and I will always consider you a brother of mine. From the days when we would play “2v2 coms” to the days when we would rage at each other because of CSGO games, we have always clicked and I will never forget all the memories we have made and more to come. Love you bunches Josh.

TynotTyler: Although we never became close, you were always the main reason I stayed with this game for so long. You always supported and believed in me and I will always remember that. I wish the best of luck to you and whatever you do in the future. Again, thank you for all the kind words and motivation you gave me. Means a lot for real. <3

Chucky: Hey there cutie. Yes you made the list. You will always be my number one fan and one of the best friends I have made throughout this long road of ups and downs. Keep being you man, you have something special about you and I love hanging around you. <3

Dbanq: We haven’t talked in ages, but you definitely deserve to be on this list. You were one of the first friends on PC and an amazing teammate back in the day. Congrats with all your success in CRL and keep doing you bro. You have always been someone I look up to outside and inside the game. You are a very intelligent person and I hope that brings you far in life. We need to catch up eventually though.

M3: You are one of my best friends and will always have a special place in my heart. I love playing rocket league and CS with you. You always make me laugh and I can always count on having a good time with you. Keep grinding bro you have an insane view of the game and I really believe you can go places if you put your mind to it.

All in all, thank you all for everything. See ya around <3

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