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19th Oct 2019 from TwitLonger

BBQ a list of some of the mistreatment's BBQ has committed.

For anyone curious of a large portion of the shit that happened in bbq, majority of this is less in a 5-month period.
My team ‘bbq Olivers’ has gone behind my back. One of the managers claim they have made a deal with without my knowledge and stopped paying me 3 months ago.
Despite asking ‘bbq Olivers’ numerous times about this, I have received no response acknowledging any of this. My team members and myself have also suffered other various mistreatments, some which are detailed below, apart from denial of payments to myself.
Threats: Team managers regularly threatened physical violence as well as using abusive language, shouting and verbally abusing players/coaches. Including our CEO screaming at ls infront of all the players.
Untimely payment: ‘bbq Olivers’ also denied timely payments to other players as well as the coaches: sometimes a couple of months, three months for myself, and at the start multiple players didn’t get paid for months.
Max (ls additional coach) Got promised on a daily basis that his contract would come soon, and after months, when he needed a visa trip, Seong said he’d just fire him instead of paying for the plane ticket, because they don’t need him, even thought Max did far more then any managers, and the job the managers supposed to do. But ended up paying him a small fee eventually.
Harassment/touching: One of the managers, Barum, regularly engaged in touching players, unwanted shoulder / back rubbing, and when told off got visibly angry. Him and other managers also took and lost my property, a lot of my clothes, jacket and passport.
Inappropriate support: LS (current coach at the time) was forced to provide his own equipment, paid out of his own pocket for computers and gaming specific equipment because ‘bbq Olivers’ refused to provide support, stating current equipment was acceptable despite the computers would frequently lag/bluescreen/black screen and were unusable at times. But they eventually got nick his setup at the BBQ house towards the end.

Playing conditions: ‘bbq Olivers’ were not providing food or provisions, or initially paying their players at the start. ‘bbq Olivers’ forced team members to play in shitty conditions/starving. Max (ls additional coach) Having to clean/laundry/take out trash because BBQ managers wasn’t doing anything, we wouldn’t hear from them for days, but seeing they were playing 20 lol games a day while not replying / ignoring both players and coaches. Players at multiple occasions leaving the team house throughout the entire day just to avoid having to deal with the managers stress and abuse.

BBQ managers/CEO would consistently lie about what players had said to other players in order to manipulate them.

BBQ doing practically nothing, ignoring/neglecting their players and coaches, forcing them to do extra work they're not supposed to, exhausting them, LS barely streamed all throughout the split and was in terrible mental condition along with the players for most of the time.

BBQ suspended LS after one of the managers threatened physical violence against him in front of players and staff, causing multiple players to stress out and leave the house not knowing what to do, as well as not having available live coaching for 1.5 weeks. Which ended up with players leaving the BBQ team house to stay with LS, until being told to return.

BBQ disallowing players to talk/visit LS for weeks as well as trying to manipulate them into staying with the team, one on one talks, telling them they’re not allowed to talk to ls, etc.
Computers breaking down, resulting in nick having to bring his own computers and max having to repair computers so we would be able to practice, while refusing to buy new ones or fix current ones.
Our cook at one point, observed something was wrong with them, and was instantly fired for bringing it up.
Players at multiple occasions would go to pc bangs, for being uncomfortable and stressed out around managers.
BBQ taking months to fix the visa after telling me it will only take a few days/weeks, then forgetting about my visa expiring and sends me last second to Vietnam for a day with no rest, coming back the day before a game exhausted and not being able to play.

One of our players refused to resign because of the mistreatment of him and other players by management. After players leaving, with the new players and coaches, I had disagreements with in game picks/plays/strategies with coaches, they refused to explain or talked to me about it, instead getting angry at me then proceeding to ignore me for days on end.
BBQ in attempt to manipulate players, during ls suspension, they had talks with all the players 1 by 1 in attempts to make them stay, but none of the players apart from Deus wanted to stay if ls left.
Seong allowed players to cancel contracts, brought all the players paperwork’s apart from mine and Deus, then talking to me 1 on 1 and begging me to stay, but within 1.5 months, they kicked me out of the house at 11.30 pm with nowhere to go and then cut my pay.
After ls left, the players wanted to leave with him, create a team and try to requalify for challengers, but I couldn’t leave with them because I was completely out of money and felt trapped, so instead some of the players went to live with ls.

The coaches felt like I was not agreeing or listening to them, so they refused to talk to me for 10 days, then at 11.30 pm approached me and said I must leave the team house asap.
With nowhere to go, I went to ls house, to sleep, afterwards I went to live with my girlfriend for 3 weeks, only being able to play at a pcbang, preventing me from practicing, until I got some money from my parents and decided to rent a cheap apartment with my friend. After I contacted Jamie McDaniel (Managing director) Telling me it’s okay to work away from the team house if it makes me work better, and due to the coaches and managers abuse i accepted.

Now, without notification they said Jamie was not authorized to do so, even though he was manager director, as well as having direct contact with Seong, who ignored my messages for months, and Jamie telling me to talk to him instead. So, they decided to cut my pay for not being in the team house, even with authorization and promises I’m allowed to do so.

When trying to terminate my contact, the manager after we agreed to meet at 12.00 tells me he thought it was another day and told me to wait until 8/9 pm, then while going through my termination, lies in it and intentionally misrepresents both dates and actions, and when confronted, says BBQ planned to sue me, but instead they ‘made a deal with the sponsors’ and decided to just not pay me, and not tell me about it. I tell them I will not sign but take the termination agreement with me to read and think further, he then attempts to take it from me, and I tell him he is not allowed to do so. And after i went home asked for my address and phone number as well as threatening to sue me.

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