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#taskmasterbook update - October 18th 2019

Hello everyone,

As always, it starts with an apology; these were first meant to be posted at the start of every month, then the start of every other month, but now here we are halfway through every other month or something, I don’t understand, but hello! This should be everything from September 2nd to October 18th…

Let’s crack on:

First, the one word postcards. Keep these coming. It’s meant to end at the end of the year. It might not. I’ve received a couple of pairs, so that’s good - but mainly, I’m loving receiving brilliant postcards from all over the world (first one from Victoria, BC, Canada recently - thank you Juniper! Great hat drawings too). Makes me feel happy every time they arrive and the word choices are consistently intriguing.

Next up, one of the postcarders and reliable tasker Ben Stoney (@yenotseb) has sent me an unusual entry for Task 198; a 14 year old walnut named Victor. Not bad that. 5 points. Love the story too and I promise I’ll look after him and bring him in on Tuesday.

Looroll effort fantastic too… kids should definitely as been as happy as they were! (you’re camera’s amazing, by the way -

And 5 points for an exemplary Task 219. I like this one!

Finally - 5 points for this. The tasks are DEFINITELY meant to be practical always so this is lovely to see:

But let’s move on to Sasha from Australia. Numerous packages over the past six weeks, and I’m both grateful and concerned by how much time, effort and money you’re putting into them! They’re beautiful and extremely well parcelled! Briefly then:

Something unusual: I opened it! Eventually! Glitter everywhere! 5 points!
Christmas decorations: excellent, thank you.
100 paper cranes: incredible.
Aussie bird books: dad will love them!
General task and seal presentation: puts us to shame.
Fluffy velociraptor: kids will love it!
Snacks: delicious - bonus 5 points!
Lucky dime: seems to be working. Thank you!
Home made book: best birthday present. Done!

Moving on to - @beccaj2110 - excellent attempt at Task 165 but no dice yet. Keep them coming. Clue: you have the wrong book. The book is a number…

Task 53 - hypnotic lipsync! Best song (best musical, obviously) - 5 points.

Task 43 - now that’s a talent. And a ladder. 5 points.

Task 202 - this has been discussed! V excellent mistake-spotting: 5 points.

Task 166 - so many to choose from, but this MIGHT be my favourite of yours. 8 points -

Task 61 - clever. 5 points -

Task 157 - although this might be my favourite too. Ridiculous. And the address-gate in the comments after tickled me too. 5 points -

Hello Siân - @doothcrow - yup, the jigsaw is now complete! 10 points for Tasks 165 and 198. Fine work. Thank you.

To our youngest competitor, Lucy (aged 2 and a half), I’m giving you 5 and a half points for your 198 unusual effort: a sandwich/biscuit cutter in the shape of my face is indeed out of the ordinary! It will now be treasured. p.s. we had the same problem with “stick”. Look at my “stick” etc. Always funny.

To a great start - @colacarebear - 5 points! Loved it! -

To Jennifer - not really on twitter - excellent efforts all round. 15 points in total, and no, I haven’t already got any hand knitted Gregs and Alexes! I do now though, and feel very special.

But possibly the most unusual item I’ve been sent so far (although the competition is fierce), is an “anti wrinkle breast pillow”. I’m going to say I’ll treasure that too but I’m not sure I will. I’ll certainly put it somewhere prominent. 7 points to Lorna @Bets678 (the signed golf/blue Peter picture is great, but doesn’t come close).

On twitter…

@lampiemagic - 20 points for general pilot attempts: (and many more)

@CurlyLiv - 5 pints for Tim Vine inspired knee task:

And 5 points to you and @becauseimjewish for task 154 - so glad this is happening!!!

And 5 points for your pub day. Excellent montage.

@becauseimjewish - great height work for Task 54 - 5 points -

@melissa67385 - Task 22 - VERY clever. 9 points for the 9 ships -

@rose_abbey - I like your fiancé and his ideas! 4 points! -

@JGadventureZone - sorry to miss you at the picnic but a GREAT line - 5 points -

And I’m not sure why but this really made me laugh - 5 points -

And this is a happy and deserved headline - 5 points -

A very strong month for you. 5 points for this improvement that I didn’t realise I’d always wanted to see -

Great task, great execution - 10 points -

@steviebay1 - as imaginative and brilliant as ever. Look at this for task 124 - 10 points Steve:

But then look at this for a proper 10 point topper!

And this for commitment (10 more points):

And this for magic Mel - - 5 points

And this for magic Meal - - 20 points

And this for genuine theatrical flair - - 5 points

And of course this is cool! 5 points!

And this is keeping me happy. Love the music, by the way - 5 points -

And I WANT THIS - 10 points - second best boardgames?

@M1Poulter - obviously I love this, proud to be a part of it - 5 points -

@percussionjedi - where have you been all year?! This is awesome. 10 points for you. 5 of them are for the explosion (be careful everyone!).

@_meg_louise - 5 points each for the knees - I recognise them all, I think, but wouldn’t want to take the fun away from other viewers…

@walnutally13 - loved the umbrella particularly: 15 points… (p.s. golf looking good not bad!)

I’ll give you another 10 points for transport tasks on the way to the picnic too!

Tasks 22 and 38 - I’ll give you 10 points but I’d urge people NOT to watch the terrifying video!

The picnic… 5 points to everyone who attended! I can’t list you all here but please do keep sending any video footage to: - it’d be great to make a compilation or something…

Well, that was a magic welly. 10 points for this one -

But now to the PERSON WHO HAS WON THE TASKMASTER BOOK COMPETITION! Because @TheRealNafe has now done ALL THE TASKS! IN BOTH BOOKS! And I do want to say, it’s been a pleasure and an inspiration to see how you’ve gone about it, Nathan. I hope you feel like it’s been a good use of 9 (???) months. I think you should be proud! Here’s a summary of the latest attempts. As usual, go to to see all his tasks.

Task 62 - 10 points. Half to the SPECIAL guest. So impressive:

Tasks 107, 109, 147, 144, 108 - I’m going to give you five for each. Fine work. Particularly enjoyed the dog and the book-holding-thumb-up - 25 points total

Task 214 - the actual (well, not the ACTUAL, but you know…) Chesham Mayor! 12 points.

Tasks 185, 89 and 180 - tick tick tick…! 15 more. - p.s. @beccaj2110 gets 5 for task 89 too…

Task 66 - pretty much perfect - 5 points

Task 67 - not the BIGGEST change in size - but a change… 3 points!

Task 205 - another one of the new batch: lovely staple work in particular… that’s a lot of staples - 810 points!

Task 209 - I’ve had the same thought myself. I’ll give you it. 5 points.

Task 212 - A 24 task party warrants 2.4 points. Or, to round it up, 4 points.

Tasks 215 and 216 - love that new cover! 10 points.

Task 168 - yes, you’ve got 5 points for this. Done?! I’ll give you a bonus one for your other attempt - maybe another 4 at the end of the year…

Task 210 - still awesome. Another 5 points. What did you edit that on?!

Task 218 - you know how I feel about this - 10 points.

Task 167 - I know where you are…

And @steviebay1 does too… 5 points to both of you.

Task 152 - oh yes… 5 points

Task 196 - 10 points. Hmm. Wow.

Task 123 - 20 points - I think that morning represented a lot for both of us. The gin went down a treat by the way. Almost as well as the bacon. You’re my hero, but you know that.

I have a feeling I still owe you points. I’ll do it now! Feels like we’ll both have a bit more free time! Send me a list of the numbers you’re owed for… sorry x

Thanks too for any and all birthday cards; so unnecessary but made me very happy. Mainly, you lot are very talented. I can’t name them all but I do want to praise the painting skills of team @walnutwally13 - proper work of art, that.

Finally, once again, it was so lovely to meet so many people at the Taskmaster picnic and I really really appreciate the bizarre and fantasktic (copyright walnutwally) gifts and messages (some anonymous including a teabag, some cake-based, a tremendous card from @Iliadtea, all so thoughtful) since. I’m very glad people had a good, nice time and felt relaxed and comfortable and a little bit silly. Something like it WILL happen again!

I’ll be back at some point.

Keep making good choices.

Have fun,

Alex x

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