You guys know me for a decade now. You know I generally don’t get into serious non-gaming issues on stream, YouTube, or socials. This isn’t because I don’t have opinions, it is because I try to create chill and entertaining content, and give you guys a place to relax and feel comfortable. With that said, I want to be clear that I support those protesting in Hong Kong. With such a large part of their country pushing for change, they are, and deserve to be on the right side of history.

I haven't been involved with competitive esports Hearthstone for years now, but Hearthstone for me is much more than their esports division and their recent poor decision making. I invite Blizzard to reconsider their position. Sure, they are in the entertainment space, so they want to keep anything that isn’t about Hearthstone out of their official broadcast, but the penalty on Blitzchung and the casters seems just too over the top. All of us who have spent the best part of our lives on Battlenet expect better out of Blizzard.

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