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29th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

Leaving MkersR6 team

So about just over a week ago i decided to leave MkersR6 team, as i felt the progression of the team was not moving any further, and that was partly my fault as i wasn't motivated to play anymore in this team. As for the recent CL qualifiers #3 #4 we was so close and i felt we was playing nearly at our top form, but not quite good enough as well fell both times in the lower final which wasn't really ideal for the amount we practised and prepared. My 3 months with the team were really good and i learned from this team, no bad blood between anyone in the team and i hope they still continue to progress with AueR. As for my next move i will be joining a new team nothing 100% confirmed as we yet to fill in the 5th spot for the team which i will explain more in a different tweet. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me and GL in the future @TorokFremen @Alation_ @SloppyR6 @DarahanBC @FlyBagel

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