Full statement on #FreeMitr0 situation

Hey #ATLfam,

Yesterday various sources announced that our star player Mitr0 was locked in an unfair contract with our organisation where we were severely underpaying him and taking a high % of his winnings and social earnings. Since then various true and false statements have been made about Team Atlantis and the contract we have with Mitr0.

Before discussing the situation, we would like to firstly thank those who have patiently waited to hear our story and supported us as a young esports organisation. With our founding members being ex-professional esports players, we completely appreciate the value of our players and try to go above and beyond to fulfill their needs, help them grow and succeed as an esports athlete.
In September 2018, we signed a renewed contract, which Mitr0 and his mother were happy with. The contract secured a salary raise in January 2019, too. All parties at this time were happy with the contractual terms and conditions. All in all, Mitr0 and his mother has signed the contract 3 times with Team Atlantis.

Some important facts about the final contract signed with Team Atlantis are as follows. Without disclosing details of the contract, his salary at this time was one of the highest amongst the world-calibre Fortnite esports competitors and it’s nothing close to how low the social media channels are announcing it. Last time Mitr0’s salary was raised was in January 2019. Regarding his Twitch and YouTube earnings - we are taking 0% from it, it all belongs to Mitr0. For the % of winnings going to Team Atlantis, we referred to a set industry standard, which we both (Team Atlantis and Mitr0) agreed on. Again these figures are nothing close to the exaggerations that have been stated in the media.

However as time went on, Mitr0 became increasingly popular and grew faster than our start-up organisation. We of course were extremely happy to see what he was achieving but were also mindful that his social growth, popularity, and winnings would cause us to offer a salary which was impossible for us to provide, if we wanted to continue expanding our project.

Mitr0 soon declared that he was unhappy with his salary and wanted to seek other opportunities with larger organizations. We supported this and understood his reasoning. We reached out to various organizations regarding a buyout from Mitr0’s contract, but unfortunately, all offers received were way below the minimum requirements to cover the damage that Mitr0’s release would’ve caused.

After internal discussions and calls with Mitr0, a group decision was made that with only a few months left in his contract and no reasonable offers being received from larger organisations, we would wait until the contract ended and Mitr0 would part ways with Team Atlantis.
This is where we are now and it is truly unfortunate that false information has been announced to the community.

We want the best for Mitr0 and hope he proceeds in making history in Fortnite esports. Therefore after talks with Mitr0 this morning and his agent, we have mutually agreed that his contract should end next week and we will be parting ways with Mitr0.

Thank you for understanding.

Community’s truly,
Team Atlantis

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