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15th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

Bizarre roster changes & moving on

The Bizarre CS roster has recently gone through a lot of changes, one of them being me leaving as coach. I'd like to shed some light on those changes and why they might not be as dumb as they seem on first sight.

Let me preface that Bizarre has some of the most talented and creative players that I've ever worked with and it's been a real pleasure to coach them over the last few months. I truly believe that they have the potential to become one of Australia's best teams and I know they have the drive to make it happen. One key factor for their success is a very fluid system with everyone pitching in ideas at all stages of the round.

I personally had a hard time adjusting to this playstyle, coming from a rigid and structured european CS background. I often felt lost as a coach, not knowing where to apply myself. When I initially joined the team we tried to find a way to conjoin my system with their playstyle but in the end we decided that it was too restrictive and the players ended up feeling uncomfortable.

This is also where I'd like to talk about the decision to replace affiNity. To make such a fluid playstyle work you need 5 players that are very much in sync with each other and communicate a lot, all the time. Just like me, affiNity seemed to often feel lost and not knowing where to apply himself. This manifested itself in him often having to make solo plays (which he made work because he's a sharpie) as well as not being in positions to support the team as much as they would've liked. All in all I believe the decision to part ways with affiNity is better for both parties in the long run. I'd really like to see him on a structured team that implements him as a star player. He's an insane talent that everyone should keep an eye out for.

I'd like to thank everyone involved in the Bizarre journe; special shout out to @RiledUpOnTwitch who went above and beyond to support me (and the team) any way he could. Couldn't have asked for a better organisation to work with!

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