Linh Nguyen · @HS_Seiko

15th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

HS drama

‪Im sorry everyone.‬
‪I never expected that this would be something that could escalate like this.‬

‪I’ve been playing autochess for quite a while now, practiced a ton for a really long time only for this qualifier and felt really good about my chances to win.‬

‪I didn’t mean to be disrespectful at all and was pretty happy that it didn’t seem like an issue ‬if I play both autochess and HS at the same time.

Im used to do/play multiple things/server at the same time and decided to take the risk.

I really thought I had enough practice, that I could handle playing both games without paying too much attention to autochess.
Unfortunately it took too much attention though, which didn’t end up well in HS.

I got really punished for this and regret that I couldn’t evaluate the situation correctly.

Even though it sucks to throw away months of practice to not participate in the qualifier I was looking forward to so much. I should’ve known it’s the right thing to do.

Im currently still in the qualifier (R32), but unfortunately the league stage with 16 people will be played next weekend.
I learned that I can’t handle both games at the same time and even though it hurts as someone who likes competing I will have to drop from the qualifier to not loose my main focus.

I apologize to disappoint everyone.

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