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12th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

Reason for the twitch suspension

I feel like I owe it you guys to give you the reason for my ban, at first I was afraid maybe it would be bad for my reputation, but then I realized hiding from the truth is worse. I make mistakes as I'm a human too and essentially look forward to learn from them. I got banned on twitch because I legitimately had no idea that calling people or the region in the game "dog" "unintelligent" out of just frustration, with no intentions of hurting anyone really, is something you can get banned for.

I behaved this way because I was on a time pressure of achieving my goal of getting rank 1, I had roughly about 10 days remaining and was playing around 16 hours a day, would randomly wake up in middle of night and start playing before eating breakfast, I wanted to have no regrets about giving my best. So I started playing and playing but people would just purposely target int me and be toxic to me with the intentions of preventing me from my goal. It was getting very frustrating so I contacted Riot Games for help, telling them about the situation, provided proof and submitted tickets to get these players punished so that I can achieve my goal, but nothing
ever happened to those players as they continued to ruin my games and even up to this day they have not been punished. Therefore with all the tiredness I was experiencing from the low sleep and the frustration, I admit it, I let anger get the best of me, I had every right to be angry, but no right to be toxic the way I was even if that was the only vibe I was feeling from others, and I tell you it was pretty damn difficult to not be toxic in that moment. This behavior comes from the human nature in my opinion, when you are hurting, you hurt the people around you to express how you are feeling, it's the easiest way but not the right way.
Regardless of all of this, my sincerest apologies goes to the people that I hurt, you have to believe me when I tell you that was never my intention. I have always had a dream of encouraging people, not discourage. I can promise you that I will give it my very best to make sure this will not happen again.

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