Stefan Mott · @psiPengWin

11th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

Changes to PSISTORM Gaming's Starcraft 2 Roster

As WCS 2019 comes to a close for most of our players, PSISTORM Gaming will be undergoing some changes going into next year. First and foremost, Sugar, jheffe, DisK, Dolan, Creature, Raze and Warren are leaving the organization to pursue different objectives (more information on those goals will be available in the near future, keep an eye on their social media accounts). This is in line with our existing plan to scale back the Starcraft 2 team going forward, and as a result we will be disbanding the academy team to focus our efforts on giving our contracted players the best support we can.

Sugar has been a key member of the management team for a long time and we greatly appreciate everything he’s done for the organization. All of the players have been fantastic members of our family and we’re sure that they will go on to do great things both within and outside of the Starcraft 2 scene.

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