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5th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

LFT OWL 2020

As per the recent AMA with Huk, I have been allowed to look for offers with other teams for the 2020 Overwatch League season. I am primarily interested in any role to do with coaching or data science/analytics.

In terms of the current season, I want to clear up any doubt about the current hierarchy - both Shake and myself are Assistant Coaches in terms of both title and responsibilities. The Head Coach role has been vacant for over a year at this point so it’s no surprise that our decision making as a team at times has been a little inconsistent.

The worst position to be in as a staff is where no one individual feels strongly about any of the decisions being made. For this reason I believe hiring @mineral_ow to lead the team is a wise decision and I wish Boston the best of luck moving forward.

With that said I’ll cover the cliff notes of what I am proud to have accomplished in the first 2 seasons of the Overwatch League. Feel free to contact me directly (details below) for specifics.

• Handling player messaging at Boston, including half-time speeches and adjustments as well as keeping players motivated despite poor results over a long period of time
• Developed a fully functional computer vision platform for recording scrim statistics using technologies such as OpenCV and Tensorflow
• Coached Team Australia to the playoffs at Blizzcon in 2018, playing myself at Blizzcon in 2017. Current coach of Team Australia in 2019.
• Great track record with individual coaching assignments including top tier players such as Fusions, Blase, AimGod, NotE (Boston) and SPACE (Valiant)

Discord: Gunba#0001

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