Ancient recap/My future

From today we throw in the towel for the AncientV2 project. It's not something that i wished for and worked hard to prevent. We had an amazing last ride, but sometimes things are just not meant to be.

Everything looked bright before plopski got transferred to NiP. The motivation on an all time high. We qualified for Dreamhack from open quals and managed to place 2nd overall. And entered the most stacked European minor up to date. Now was the time to put another Swedish team on the map. And we played some solid CS. Really did.

After the transfer went through we had a hard time getting Grux in positions he would be effective in and on the same time get the other players ready in their new positions. Minor around the corner...

We had a good spirit going to the minor anyway. Managed to do an OK game vs BIG. Even though our preparations were not optimal for a bo3, there was hope.

Grux did good, no hard feelings towards him. He was not substituted because of skill or personality. Denis had some things to sort out in life and of that importance that it should go before CSGO.

In the end, Disco doplan, freddieB and Draken have been playing together for a (CSGO-speaking) very, very long time. And they did great things, as a core. But when thinking of it, the time had come for them to try different paths. Sometimes you just need a change in life.

Thank you to Nico, Freddie, Affe, Wille, Doplan, Denis and Moffe for this time, you're amazing. I'll see you out there!

After this Coach-Carter mission im now a free agent, hungry for new challenges as a coach mainly. Interested parties can email or DM @BARBARRcs on Twitter.

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